How to register domain and make the payment?

If you are a registered client, you can directly refer to the following steps to order a new domain name. If You are not a registered client? First, register from the client area and refer to the below steps. 

  1. Login to your client area. Please refer to how to login to your client area?

  2. Inside the domain drop-down, click on Register A New Domain. 

  3. Enter your new domain name and click on the search button. You will see a domain available message if the domain is not registered anywhere. Click on Add to Cart button. >> Click on Checkout. 

  4. If you want to purchase ID Protection, tick on it, or directly click on the continue button.

  5. Verify the pricing at the checkout page and click on the checkout button. 

  6. The checkout button will take you to our payment gateway to complete the payment. 

  7. If you skip the payment and want to pay the invoice later? Please refer to How to pay unpaid invoices from the client area?    

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