Comparison between Plesk and SolidCP ControlPanel.

Please refer to the below table which is showing the comparison between Plesk and SolidCP Control Panel.



  Plesk is a Paid controlpanel. Components and features may vary depending on the version. 

  SolidCP is open-source and completely free to manage domains and websites on it. 

  It offers a higher level of security with web-server and network security services. 

  SolidCP doesn't offer any kind of security service with it. 

  Installation process is rather complex than SolidCP.

  SolidCP component is very easy to install with an installer file.

  Plesk offers a free Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate for all the websites hosted over it. 

  SolidCP doesn't offer a free Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate for all the website except SolidCP Version 1.4.3 

  Plesk takes much time to complete in loading compare to SolidCP

  SolidCP doesn’t take much time in loading and faster than Plesk.

  Plesk offers a variety of features and you can install lots of components and other software using the extensions tab.

  SolidCP doesn’t offer many features compared to the Plesk Panel.


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