Why is my Autossl failing in cPanel?

ERROR Local DNS DCV error (mail.example.com): The DNS query to
“_cpanel-dcv-test-record.example.com” for the DCV challenge returned no “TXT” record that
matches the value “_cpanel-dcv-test-record=EJuIYtD_RKza1KgnOa1AZgqSNkgKYuoDNkWq8RW1OLxjsxd1fhonqjUhSF5HRmCg”

You may receive this error if your domain is not using the server IP Addresses in domain nameservers or don’t have a proper DCV record at path /well-known/pki-validation/***.txt  record. You can point the nameserver to the main server of which AutoSSL you want to use or setup the .well-known/pki-validation folder for the DCV record. Your issue should be fixed with this. If you are still facing any issue, you can send us a support ticket.

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