Comparison of control panels Plesk VS WHM/cPanel.

Web Hosting control panels are very useful to manage your servers with a front-end graphical web application. There are various control panels available but Plesk and cPanel are two that are used widely. Using control panels, you can manage your User Accounts, Domains, Websites, SQL Servers, Email domain and email accounts etc. In addition, you can manage your server statistics, security as well.

Please refer to the below table which is showing the comparison between Plesk and cPanel.



Plesk can be installed on Windows and Linux on both of the servers. 

We can install WHM/cPanel on Linux servers like Centos, Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Cloudlinux etc. and not on windows. 

Plesk is not optimized for speed and internal page-speed loading time compared to cPanel.

WHM/cPanel is optimized for the speed and internal page-speed loading time compared to the Plesk. In short, it loads faster than Plesk.

Plesk offers a Gitman extension to easily manage Git through Plesk.

WHM/cPanel has a workaround to run Git but it is much more complex compared to Plesk.

Plesk offers security features like Plesk Firewall, Revisium Antivirus, fail2ban, and anti-spam service etc.

WHM/cPanel offers CSF/LFD, cPHulk and password protected director

Plesk offers let’s encrypt SSL Certificates.

WHM/cPanel offers sectigo provided Auto SSL as well as Let’s Encrypt SSL.

Plesk offers to run web servers like Apache. LiteSpeed and NGINX. 

cPanel offers to run web servers like Apache with NGINX caching and LiteSpeed Web Server.

We can run Database servers like MySQL / MariaDB / MSSQL Server versions.

cPanel doesn't support MSSQL but we can run  MySQL / MariaDB.

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