What is the difference between unmetered and unlimited bandwidth?

What is Bandwidth?

In web hosting, bandwidth means the data transfer of your website to users in a given amount of time. Data transfer rate calculates in gigabytes (GB) or megabytes (MB) per month. Here is the difference between unmetered and unlimited bandwidth. 

What is the difference between unmetered bandwidth and unlimited bandwidth?

Unmetered Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwidth
Unmetered bandwidth means there is no limit of data transfer per month. But, the maximum port speed is limited. For example, the data transfer rate is 1 Gbps.

Unlimited bandwidth means there is no limit to data transfer. Also, there is no data transfer rate set. 
Users can transfer the data as per their requirement at the given port speed assigned to the server. There is no cap on bandwidth usage.  There will be no port speed/cap limit set in unlimited bandwidth.
The amount of data your website use is monitored by the WebHost. Users are charged as per their bandwidth usage each month. If any Webhosting company offers unlimited bandwidth, there is no counting of bandwidth usage per month. 

Which One Should You go for?

Unlimited bandwidth offers may be misleading. There might be some hidden data rate limit per month/day or hour. No matter what kind of Web Hosting plan you choose, you should always research at your end. Read the Terms and Conditions for the bandwidth and other resource usages. Unlimited bandwidth sounds unrealistic. We recommend the metered or unmetered bandwidth deal.  

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