How do I check current established connections and network utilization of my VPS?

Windows VPS

For current established connections and processes:

1. Go to "Run"

2. Type cmd, hit Enter

Open Command Prompt

3. In the command prompt, type command, netstat -o, and hit Enter

Type Command "netstat-o" to Check Established Connections


For live network utilization:

1. Right-click on TaskBar, select Task Manager

Open Task Manager
2. Click on Resource Monitoring

3. Click on Network utilization

Select Network Utilization Option to View Network Utilization
4. You will see bandwidth consuming processes along with send/receive bytes.

Linux VPS

1. Log in to VPS through SSH

2. Type command netstat -tap and hit Enter

Type Command "netstat -tap" to View Real Time Traffic
3. Here, you will see real-time send/receive traffic, including process-IDs statistics.

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