Are Internal Traffic between Two VPS, a Database Server, and a Web Server, included in My Bandwidth Usage? Yes, the internal traffic between two VPS, a database server, and a web server are all counted... Being a newbie can I use the Windows VPS server easily? All of our Window VPS plans include a Control Panel, so it is easy to use for a newbie, and it is... Can I Host PHP Based Websites in Windows Hosting Plans? Yes, you can host PHP based websites in Windows Shared Hosting and Windows VPS Hosting Plans.... Can I Host Unlimited Websites with Different Domains in Windows or Linux VPS hosting? There is no restriction on the total number of hosted domains on Windows VPS and Linux VPS... Can I Install Dropbox in VPS? Yes, you can install Dropbox in VPS, but you will have to keep LAN Sync option disabled in... Can I create unlimited sub-domains with Windows VPS? Yes, you can create unlimited sub-domains with Windows VPS. There are no restrictions to host... Can I downgrade my Classic Windows VPS plan? No, we do not allow Windows VPS downgrade due to the limitation of MS Hyper-V virtualization... Can I easily upgrade Windows VPS to a higher plan? Of course! We have prepared many different plans that can fit any project. With every growth... Can I get Plesk panel with Windows VPS ? Yes, we are offering Plesk control panel in our Windows VPS plans. There is no additional cost... Can I host ASP.NET 4.5 website on Windows VPS hosting? Yes. You can host ASP.NET 4.5 website on our Windows VPS. In addition, you can download and... Can I host QuickBook applications in your Windows VPS? With all our Windows VPS plans, you will get a complete administrative access. You can install... Can I host unlimited websites with Windows VPS or Linux VPS? Yes, you can host an unlimited number of websites in Linux VPS and Windows VPS. There is no limit... Can I install 3rd party SSL certificates in Windows VPS? Yes, you can install third party SSL certificate on Windows VPS. If you want to install third... Can I install Microsoft office on my Windows VPS/Dedicated Server? Yes. You can install Microsoft Office on your Server. Our Windows VPS/Dedicated servers come with... Can I manage the DNS records of my domains by my own? Yes, definitely you can. Here are the steps: If you are using the DNS service of... Can I open APN port 2195 on my VPS? You will get full administrative control of your VPS, therefore you can surely open/close any... Can I purchase additional IP addresses with Windows VPS? Yes, you can purchase additional IP addresses anytime. The cost for additional 1 IP address is... Can I purchase additional RAM, Disk space and Bandwidth for VPS? Yes, you can purchase additional RAM(Our RAM Recommendation), DiskSpace, Bandwidth and vCPU... Can I purchase additional Remote Desktop Access (CALs terminal users) licenses for Windows VPS? Yes, you can purchase additional Device CALs for your Windows VPS. It will cost you $40/month for... Can I reboot Windows VPS from VPS Management Area? Yes, you can Reboot, Pause and Resume your Windows VPS from VPS Management area. Here's an... Can I reboot my Windows VPS server by myself? Yes. From the VPS management panel, you can reboot the Windows VPS server and monitor its status.... Can I see VPS Screen on my phone? Yes, you can see your VPS screen on the Desktop, Laptop, and Mobile. View Windows VPS Hosting... Can I signup without domain name? If you already have a domain, then you can enter it in domain field during VPS signup. It won't... Can I upgrade Windows VPS from Webmaster VPS Opal Plan to Small Business Plan later on without re-installing my applications? Yes, you can upgrade your VPS to any higher plan anytime without having to reinstall your... Can I upgrade my VPS plan without losing any data or settings? Yes, you can upgrade your existing VPS to higher plan anytime. Your data will remain intact. We... Can I upgrade/migrate to higher level of VPS Hosting plan without any loss of Data? Yes, you can upgrade to higher plan anytime and without loss of data. Though your data will... Can I use OpenOffice in Windows VPS? Yes, you can use OpenOffice in Windows VPS. It will not be pre-installed with the VPS but you can... Can I use my own Windows 10 license on your Windows VPS? No, you cannot use your own Windows 10 license on Windows VPS. View Windows VPS Hosting Plans   Can I use port forwarding in VPS? We do not provide port forwarding at the Hardware level. However, you can use desired third-party... Can you add some applications like SQL Server or SmarterMail later without re-installing a Operating System? Yes. We can install MS SQL Server Express edition and SmarterMail free of cost with Windows VPS.... Can you install a DNS server on the VPS we rent, and what would it cost? Microsoft DNS server will be pre-installed in Windows VPS unless you have selected Only OS VPS... Can you migrate my Windows VPS from other providers? We can help to migrate website content and database. For that, you need to raise a ticket with... Can you provide me the Windows License Key installed on my VPS? We could not provide the Windows License Key as we are using pre-activated windows operating... Do I have DDoS protection on my Windows VPS? We have implemented anti-DDoS systems in our main hardware nodes which are capable of detecting... Do I need to sign-up for any minimum contract period to buy a Windows server? As a Windows VPS customer, you can choose from monthly, quarterly, and annual contract periods.... Do Windows VPS Plans Allow root Access to IIS and Microsoft SQL Server? Yes, you will have full administrative privileges over IIS and Microsoft SQL Server with all... Do You Have A SmarterMail Demo Account? SmarterMail provides flexible email server for individuals, small businesses, and... Do You Have Any Windows Shared/VPS Hosting Plan with Unlimited MS SQL Database Size? Windows Shared Hosting:You cannot create MS SQL database with unlimited size in Windows Shared... Do You Offer VPS with 8 vCPU Cores? No, we do not provide VPS with 8 vCPU cores. We provide VPS with maximum 4 vCPU cores. This is... Do You Provide Any DDoS Protection in VPS? For Denver Location: We have implemented anti-DDoS systems in our main hardware nodes which are... Do You Provide GUI With VPS or Just a Command Line? Yes, we provide a GUI environment with all our Windows VPS plans.  However, in Linux VPS, you... Do You Provide TUN/TAP On VPS Hosting? Typically, TUN/TAP is used when you want to utilize VPN services from your VPS. Windows VPS... Do You Send Prior Notifications Before any Maintenance? Usually we send several notifications before a scheduled maintenance. However, in case of... Do You Support POP-before-SMTP? Yes, the POP-before-SMTP protocol is supported on all our Windows Shared Hosting plans. Get... Do You offer Microsoft Office Pre-installed in Windows VPS Hosting? No, we do not provide Microsoft Office pre-installed in any of our Windows VPS plans. However, we... Do You provide any free control panel with your Windows VPS plans? Our Windows VPS plans include a free SolidCP Control Panel. View Windows VPS Hosting Plans   Do you block UDP port in your VPS? No. We do not block the UDP Ports in the VPS, whether it is Linux base or Windows base. Do you install any antivirus protection in Windows VPS? Yes, we offer Clamwin free antivirus software as an add-on with Windows VPS plans. We do not... Do you offer SIP servers? We do not provide VPS Hosting with pre-configured SIP(SIP can establish sessions for features... Do you offer any discount with your VPS plans? For our current promotional offers, please visit our deals and coupon section:Hosting Coupons... Do you offer minimum guarantee for download and upload speed? Unfortunately, we cannot provide you minimum guarantee for upload / download speed. Our main... Do you provide DHCP service with VPS? Sorry, We do not provide DHCP service with VPS.   Get Windows VPS Hosting Do you provide Hardware Firewall with VPS Hosting? Note that, it's not possible to attach the hardware firewall with VPS, but we can always route... Do you provide MS SQL Server free of cost with Windows VPS? Yes, we do provide MSSQL 2012/2014/2016/2017/2019 Express edition without any additional cost... Do you provide VPS with pre-configured VPN services? We do not provide VPS with pre-configured VPN services. However, you can install relevant... Do you provide VPS with private network interfaces and public network interfaces? We do not offer private network in VPS hosting. There will be only one network interface... Do you provide any control panel to manage Windows VPS? Yes, we offer WebsitePanel 2.1 or SolidCP control panel in Windows VPS and cPanel in Linux VPS.... Do you provide audio streaming service? No, we don't provide pre-configured audio streaming service in VPS. However, you can install... Do you provide demo VPS that I could try before placing the order? We do not provide demo VPS or VPS for trial purpose due to security reasons. However, we provide... Do you provide fully managed VPS services? By default, all VPS plans come with basic support on 24*7 basis with no additional cost. However,... Do you provide other tools of SmarterTools bundle like SmarterTrack and SmarterStats? Yes, we do provide an entire SmarterTools bundle that includes SmarterMail, SmarterTrack, and... Do you support ASP.Net & MySQL combination? Yes, all our Windows Hosting and Windows VPS plans will support connectivity of ASP.Net with... Do you support PHP on your Servers? If yes, is it automatically available OR do I have to request for it? PHP is available on all our Windows shared hosting and Linux shared hosting. You just need to... Do you support Tomcat on Windows VPS? No, we do not support Tomcat on Windows VPS. By Default, we do provide IIS Web Server with... Do you support Windows 2003 32 bit OS? No, we do not offer any new installation of Windows 2003 32 bit operating system. Get Windows... Does MSSQL server edition provided in VPS support full text search? Yes, MS SQL server Express edition will be installed with full text search. However, if it is... Does Windows VPS Come With Pre-installed Windows OS or Do I Have to Install Windows OS By My Own? Windows operating system will be pre-installed on your Windows VPS. We will install and configure... Does Windows VPS Provide File Manager? Windows VPS comes with pre-installed operating system so you will get complete file explorer... Does Windows VPS provide Dedicated Resources? Yes. Windows VPS provides dedicated resources and root-level access through virtualization... Does Windows VPS support Entity Framework? Entity Framework is separate installation. In default VPS configuration, it will not be... Does Windows VPS support IonCube and Zend Optimizer? Yes, our Windows VPS supports IonCube and Zend Optimizer.   Get Windows VPS Hosting Does your windows VPS have FrontPage Extensions installed? Microsoft no longer supports FrontPage extensions. They are discontinued by Microsoft since 2006.... FAQs About Game Server Hosting on VPS Do you wish to start your own Game Server? Try AccuWebHosting's Windows VPS plans to launch your... FAQs on Runescape Game Server Hosting on Windows VPS Are you a fan of RuneScape and willing to run your own Runescape server? If Yes, you've come at... How Daily CDP Backup Works? What Is CDP Backup?   As per our Backup Policy, Continuous Data Protection (CDP) store the Data... How Do I Create Multiple Reverse DNS Records On Same IP Address? Each IP address should have single reverse DNS (rDNS). Also, your rDNS hostname should resolve... How Many Remote Desktop Users Can Login to Windows VPS Simultaneously? By default, 2 users can login to Windows VPS simultaneously. However you can purchase our device... How can I set up DNS records of my VPS? How many IP Addresses do I require to set up DNS? The Microsoft DNS server is pre-installed in your Windows VPS. You can manage DNS records of your... How do I access my Windows VPS data using FTP and transfer the files between local system and VPS? Prerequisites: Your Windows VPS must have an FTP server installed. If it is not installed, you... How do I access the WebsitePanel? You can access your WebsitePanel using the following URL:http://your_VPS_ IP_address:9001 Get... How do I get a Managed service for VPS? What is included in the Managed services? In order to avail managed services for VPS, you just need to submit the ticket from Helpdesk. We... How do I install Windows Server 2019 on my VPS? All you need to do is select the Windows version you want, and we'll handle everything else.... How does Windows Remote Access work? Windows Remote Access works by connecting a remote user to the host computer via the internet. No... How long would it take to setup a VPS account? Your order will be queued to our setup queue as soon as your payment is approved by our payment... How many Simultaneous logins can I have on a VPS if I purchase the 5 device CAL License? By default, 2 Users can access the Remote Windows VPS via Remote Desktop at the same time. If you... How many VPS customers are on a single physical server? We assure consistent and stable performance of each VPS, by allocating balanced resource to our... How many websites I can host in my VPS? There is no restrictions on number of domains/websites you can create on VPS. You can host any... How much disk space will remain free once my VPS is set up? The disk space usage depends upon the selection of OS and configurations you have selected at the... How much does it cost to reinstall the Operating System in VPS? Operating System Reinstallation will cost you $30/Incident.   Get Windows VPS Hosting How to place an order for Windows VPS Hosting? Step-1: Click here to get into the Windows VPS plan page.   Step-2: You can select... I am being asked for Host-name at signup page. What is it? A Host name is required to assign a unique name to your VPS. Every computer has a name (called... I am interested in your VPS service to run Senuke. On the order page, it used to have an option for Senukex installation. I do not see that anymore. What happened? No, we do not offer VPS service with SeNuke. It will not be pre-installed in VPS. But, you can... I want to cancel my VPS service. What is the procedure? You can place the service cancellation request from your billing area itself. Please refer to the... I want to create multiple users in my VPS. Is it possible to restrict those users from accessing my programs and content of C disk? All RDP users' profiles are created within C: drive hence they will have read access to any data... I want to host an application on your windows hosting. Do you support HMA VPN software? If you want to install HMA VPN software, you can use our VPS Hosting plan. Our infrastructure... In the Classic Windows VPS plan, do we get the latest installed versions of SQL, Visual Studio, and .Net framework? While placing an order, you will get an option to select the SQL server version and its edition.... Is HTML5 Supported in Your Servers? Since HTML content has nothing to do with the web server, there are no special requirements... Is it possible to access the Windows VPS simultaneously from two different systems, such as a laptop and a computer? Yes. It is possible to access the Windows VPS simultaneously from two different systems. By... Is it possible to change the primary IP of Windows VPS? It is not possible to change the primary IP address of the Windows VPS. If you wish, you can... Is it possible to connect two users to my Windows SSD VPS on their workspace? With Windows SSD VPS, you can connect two users with different desktops at the same time. View... Is it possible to get an empty VPS without any software? Yes, we will provide Empty VPS without any software. You just need to choose OS Only (Without... Is it possible to take a complete VPS backup in VPS itself? Please note that there is no provision to take a backup of the full VPS image in VPS. However, as... Is pricing the same in all data center locations? We try to keep Windows VPS pricing as consistent as possible globally. However, due to variations... Microsoft Exchange Server Licensing Cost Below are the Exchange licensing options, along with the associated prices. Exchange is licensed... On which platform do you provide the Windows VPS? We provide Windows VPS on Microsoft Hyper-V and KVM virtualization (Cloud plans).   Get... PureVPN - Frequently asked questions about PureVPN Hosting on Windows VPS CAN I INSTALL VPN SERVICE LIKE PUREVPN ON YOUR WINDOWS VPS? Yes, you can install VPN service... QuickBook Hosting FAQs All our Windows VPS plans support QuickBook Hosting. Following are recommended Windows VPS plans.... What If I Exceed the Bandwidth Limit that I am assigned with VPS? Our system continually monitors the bandwidth usage of all our VPS.  In case your total... What Operating Systems do you offer on Windows VPS? We do offer below mentioned Operating Systems with our Windows VPS plans: Windows 2008 R2... What RAID type is used in main HyperV server? All our Classic Windows VPS Plan HyperVisors are backed up by RAID 10 architecture while SSD... What about the backup of my VPS? We do provide complimentary backup service however, we recommend customer for managing backup of... What are the Softwares installed / available free on Windows VPS? All our Classic / SSD / Private Cloud Windows VPS plans offer "full configurations" which... What are the resident IP Address? Do you provide it? A resident IP is a connection from an ISP or IP provider to a residential owner.  You connect to... What can I do with the Control panel of Windows VPS? As a user you will have access to File Manager and FTP Account Management. You can Manage PHP,... What connection speed would I get in Windows VPS? Our main hardware is running with 1 Gbps port connectivity. Hence, each Windows VPS will have the... What is CPU clock speed per core? It is 2.0 Ghz per core. Get Windows VPS Hosting What is Standard Delivery and Priority Delivery in VPS? The delivery of hosting services plays an important role in quickly setup of your website or... What is an RDP session? Remote Desktop Session Host maintains the session-based apps and desktops you share with users.... What is the MS SQL database Edition offered with VPS? MSSQL 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017 & 2019 Express Editions are offered free of cost with all... What is the difference between CPU and vCPU? Virtual Centralized Processing Unit (vCPU) represents a portion or share of the Underlying... What is the difference between SAN VS SSD Storage? What is SAN Storage? SAN or storage area network is a network of storage devices used to store... What is the difference between Super Classic Windows VPS Plan and SSD Windows VPS Plan? All SSD VPS plans are covered under the Fully Managed Support option, while the Classic VPS plans... What is the email address to contact support? Our technical support email address is [email protected] sales enquiry, please... What is the speed of Internet Connection (port speed) for Shared Hosting, VPS Server and Dedicated Server? For VPS HostingAll the Windows VPS & Linux VPS are sharing 1 Gbps port connectivity and we... What kind of support covered in Fully managed and self managed VPS? Please refer to the following URL for VPS support... What resources do you offer with Windows VPS hosting? We do provide dedicated IP, Disk space, Bandwidth, RAM, CPU, etc., we also offer the Clamwin... What would be the processors on the servers? We do have at least Octa Core or 12 cores, Dual - Processors on our node server. Get Windows VPS... When an order is placed online and payment is received, how long does provisioning take? Once the order is placed and verified, we will deliver you VPS within 24 hours. However, if you... Which Email server do you install on VPS? We will install and configure the latest MailEnable mail server. You just need to select the... Which Operating System is being used for Host server at AccuWebHosting? We use Microsoft Windows 2012 - R2 Datacenter Edition & Windows 2016 Datacenter Edition as... Which control panel is offered to manage domains on VPS? We provide WebsitePanel including complete installation & configuration with all our Windows... Which processor do you offer with your Windows VPS plans? We offer the Intel Xeon E5, E6, Gold, and AMD Epyc processors With our Windows VPS Hosting Plans.... Which software can I install on VPS? Because a VPS operates like a real dedicated server almost all applications can be installed on... Which virtualization technology does AccuWebHosting use for VPS Hosting service? We offer VPS Hosting with different virtualization technology. Here is the list of technologies... Why I am being asked for photo ID? Due to increased online fraudulent activities, we take utmost care while accepting VPS orders.... Why I am receiving following message while I am placing the order? MaxMind Error MaxMind has deemed your order to be potentially high risk and therefore it has... Why my order is getting rejected by you? To avoid online fraudulent activity, we use an automated order verification system to verify each... Will I get Remote Access in All Windows VPS plans? Yes, all our Windows VPS plans support Remote Access or Remote Desktop. Get Windows VPS Hosting Will I get a Dedicated IP address in VPS Hosting? Yes. We do provide dedicated IP address in VPS Hosting. The number of IP address depends on the... Will I get a control panel to manage the VPS? What if I want to re-install OS image? We do provide a SolidCP or Plesk (control panel for Windows based hosting) installation &... Will I get a software for Chat, Blogs etc. readily installed in VPS? We have 2 VPS templates, namely, Full OS and Only OS. Full OS contains all WebHosting tools like... Will I get root/administrative access on Windows VPS? Yes, all our Windows VPS plans offer full administrative access to VPS. All our Windows VPS plans... Will My VPS Plan Be Suspended If Payment Is Delayed? We provide a 10 days grace period after the plan's due date. After that, your VPS will be... Will the VPS stop working if I shut down my computer? It will work. Before shutting down your local system, close the RDP session with an X. Do not log... Will you help us to move all domains/websites and settings from old VPS to new VPS? We will make initial setup of all required softwares and applications on your VPS environment. In... Windows Server 2016 VPS FAQs What’s new in Windows Server 2016? Released on September 26, 2016, Windows Server 2016 is the... Windows VPS Quick Start Guide We have prepared this document to assist you in setting up your VPS in a hassle-free way. This... With any Windows VPS plan, how many domains can I add? Our all-Widows VPS solution allows you to add unlimited domains as per your needs. View Windows...
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