Can I purchase additional RAM, Disk space and Bandwidth for VPS?

Yes, you can purchase additional RAM (Our RAM Recommendation), Disk Space, Bandwidth, and vCPU resources during the VPS signup or later when you need them. There are two ways you can order additional resources for your existing VPS.


Order add-ons from the client area

It is the most convenient way to buy add-ons. All you need to do is log in to the client area, select the VPS service and purchase the additional resource.

Here is a detailed article you should refer to order additional services from the client area Order additional services from the client area


Order add-ons by submitting the ticket

Alternatively, you can always submit a ticket from the client area to order add-ons.

Upon receiving your support ticket, we will send you an invoice based on the resource type, amount, and chosen billing cycle.

Once you pay, we will upgrade your VPS services with the purchased add-on. You can check all add-ons being offered with VPS and their price at the bottom of the VPS plan page. If you still have questions about VPS add-ons, please contact our sales team.


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