Fully Managed Linux VPS

AccuWebHosting.com is proud to be offering Fully Managed services on all control panel based Linux VPS plans. By leveraging our years of experience, you will now be able to sit back and enjoy powerful hosting with ease. AccuWebHosting.com provides managed support for all system aspects listed below:

Service Name Covered
Free Reboots
24/7/365 Support
Installation of Third Party Tools
Installation of Operating System
On Request Server Updates
Recovery Of Compromised Server
Hardware Replacement (in the event of a failure)
24 x 7 Server Monitoring
Security Evaluation
Initial Security Hardening
tmp directory hardening
Installation of CSF Firewall
Installation of Rootkit Hunter Kit
Full VPS Backup  Addon
  • 24 x 7 Technical Support - Almost every ticket is definitely answered in 15 minutes and resolved within 6 hours by our Technicians. Under the Managed VPS contract, we offer 2 hours of free Admin work every month. However, unlike other managed companies, who strictly restrict them to "X" amount of admin hours, we never do. We're here, anytime for any reasons. To sign up for this service, submit the ticket from client area. Before sign up, please read our terms of services for Fully Managed VPS.
  • Installation of Operating System and Third Party Tools - An Operating System selected with the order will be pre-installed in VPS. Our Linux VPS Management Panels provide a feature that clients can re-install the OS either from client area or control panel portals. In case any assistance is required from our technical team then per incident cost will be $30
  • In order to install third party tools on your VPS, we will make our best effort even if we've never worked on that. The VPS team will put the best effort for the installation of such applications, programs, and software. Configuring them and further troubleshooting is the customer's responsibility. Every month, total 2 hours of free admin work is offered for third party tools installation. Unused admin work hours cannot be carried over from month-to-month.
  • Server Updates - We will also install OS updates and security patches twice in a year. We will send a prior notification to all managed clients. We will perform this task for the managed clients who confirm their convenient time for this task. Software and application updates will be provided only to that pertaining to the entire VPS and OS. Site specific updates (such as script installs, coding issues) will not be provided.
  • Server Recovery - In order to ensure full server recovery, a purchase of the full backup addon for your VPS is required. It is an add-on service through which we will be able to restore your VPS from the available date's backup. This add-on backup service will also allow file/folder level restoration.
  • Server Monitoring - In Managed Service Options, we keep a close track of your VPS on 24x7 basis. For any Managed Virtual Server - FTP, Mail, Database & Web Services are default monitored at the interval of 5 minutes. To monitor the VPS services and hardware resources, we install the Zabbix agent in each Managed VPS. The Zabbix is an enterprise-class monitoring solution to monitor the network and applications on various operating systems.
  • Zabbix is designed to monitor the applications, services, availability and performance of IT infrastructure, hardware resources and numerous other network parameters including the health and integrity of the servers. It’s a high performance software that can gather any type of information virtually from the network. An individual VPS’ Zabbix agent reports following data to our main Enterprise Zabbix server.
  • CPU Load
  • Disk Read and Write Throughput
  • Utilization of Disk-space
  • Number of Processes
  • Utilization of RAM
  • Incoming/Outgoing data from Network Interface Card
  • Availability of Network Services

Our Zabbix Enterprise server stores the collected data (from individual agents) in the database and renders graphs for visual reference. Following are some of the screenshots taken from the Zabbix web interface.


CPU Load


Dis Space Usage


Memory Usage


Network Traffic


Server Peformance


Zabbix has its own notification system that will send us proactive alerts for service down or higher usage of resources, etc. If a VPS is utilizing more resources then it is possible that customer should face random service crash / interruption. Upon receiving such alerts our technicians will take an immediate action and resolve the issue. Any additional services like particular website monitoring or specific website URL monitoring can be handled on request. In most cases, the issue is resolved before you are aware that anything has happened.

  • Security Assesment & Hardning - Upon customer request, we will install security specific tools. It is also recommended to consult our support team with your specific security requirements so that we can ascertain a custom approach that both meets your objectives, and ensure it is compatible with your VPS.

NOTE: We offer Fully Managed Services as addon ( $12.96/Month ) with Traditional and Cloud VPS Hosting. For Linux SSD VPS Hosting, it will be included with plan.


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