Can AccuWeb assist me with installing or activating services in Linux? I'm familiar with CPanel and WHM, but I don't know anything about installing services. AccuWeb's technical team will install the service on your VPS during the order process if the... Can I Host Unlimited Websites with Different Domains in Windows or Linux VPS hosting? There is no restriction on the total number of hosted domains on Windows VPS and Linux VPS... Can I open APN port 2195 on my VPS? You will get full administrative control of your VPS, therefore you can surely open/close any... Can I purchase additional RAM, Disk space and Bandwidth for VPS? Yes, you can purchase additional RAM(Our RAM Recommendation), DiskSpace, Bandwidth and vCPU... Can I upgrade my VPS plan without losing any data or settings? Yes, you can upgrade your existing VPS to higher plan anytime. Your data will remain intact. We... Can I use Youtube and shadowshocks with my VPS server using VPN? If you want to use Shadowsocks/YouTube, you can use the Windows server instead of Linux VPS.... Can we use LS Cache and Hyper Cache both plugins togather? Technically it is possible to use LS Cache and Hyper Cache both togather. However, this can cause... Can you transfer/ migrate my website from the existing provider? Yes. Your website will be migrated to AccuWeb VPS if you have a control panel in your AccuWeb... Could I switch from a self-managed service to a fully-managed one? Switching from a self-managed service to a fully managed service in your existing VPS is... Do You Provide TUN/TAP On VPS Hosting? Typically, TUN/TAP is used when you want to utilize VPN services from your VPS.   Windows VPS... Do you offer apache web service with controlpanel option? Yes, we do offer apache web service with controlpanel like cPanel and Plesk. Both of these... Do you offer migration of the database from one or more database servers on your VPS? Yes, we offer database migration from one or more database servers on our VPS. The client has to... Do you provide VPS with a pre-configured VPN? There is no pre-configured VPN service with our VPS. However, our VPS supports VPN, which can be... Does my VPS come with a firewall? We provide CSF firewall and security with cPanel so you can access the firewall. You can... Fully Managed Linux VPS is proud to be offering Fully Managed services on all control panel based... How and when will I receive my VPS login details? You will receive an email with all the necessary URLs and credentials once your order has been... How can I change the location of my web hosting account? Will I lose any data in the migration process? You can raise a support ticket to request a migration of your account to another location. Our... How do you restore a backup copy? Is it automatic or manual? The backup restoration process is manual. The client needs to share the date he wants to restore... How does LiteSpeed make VPS Hosting run faster? LiteSpeed offers its own caching engine for VPS that allows better performance than other... What are common mistakes to avoid when selecting a VPS server? You should take care of the below things while opting for VPS Hosting,-> Don't focus only on... What is the difference between CDP backup and Weekly backup in VPS? The AccuWeb VPS service includes complimentary backup regardless of plan or duration. With the... What is the process for adding 'Unlimited Domains (Sites) In One Account' to WHM/cPanel? A user can add any number of websites for various domains in one cPanel account. Please click... What is the reliability of VPS hosting? Can another client's application crash my server? With VPS hosting, your entire server is isolated. Additionally, all other users receive dedicated... Which control panel options do you provide with Linux VPS Hosting? We offer both Free and Paid control panels with Linux VPS Plan. The paid control panels include... Will I get full Root Access with my Linux VPS? Yes, you will get full root access to your server/VPS, with the liberty to manage it as per your... With my VPS hosting, how many emails can I send per day? There is no restriction on sending emails per day on the VPS server. Therefore, you can send...
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