Can I Host Unlimited Websites with Different Domains in Windows or Linux VPS hosting? There is no restriction on the total number of hosted domains on Windows VPS and Linux VPS... Can I open APN port 2195 on my VPS? You will get full administrative control of your VPS, therefore you can surely open/close any... Can I purchase additional RAM, Disk space and Bandwidth for VPS? Yes, you can purchase additional RAM(Our RAM Recommendation), DiskSpace, Bandwidth and vCPU... Can I upgrade my VPS plan without losing any data or settings? Yes, you can upgrade your existing VPS to higher plan anytime. Your data will remain intact. We... Can I use Youtube and shadowshocks with my VPS server using VPN? If you want to use the Shadowsocks/YouTube, you can use the Windows server instead of Linux VPS.... Can we use LS Cache and Hyper Cache both plugins togather? Yes, you can use LS Cache and Hyper Cache plugins together. Do You Provide TUN/TAP On VPS Hosting? Typically, TUN/TAP is used when you want to utilize VPN services from your VPS. Windows VPS... Do you offer apache web service with controlpanel option? Yes, we do offer apache web service with controlpanel like cPanel and Plesk. Both of these... Fully Managed Linux VPS is proud to be offering Fully Managed services on all control panel based... How can I change the location of my web hosting account? Will I lose any data in the migration process? You can raise a support ticket to request a migration of your account to another location. Our... How does LiteSpeed make VPS Hosting run faster? LiteSpeed offers its own caching engine for VPS that allows better performance than other... What does it mean by 'Unlimited Domains (Sites) In 1 Account'? How does a user add other domains in 1 account? Unlimited Domains (Sites) in 1 Account means users can add unlimited domains or websites in one... Which control panel options do you provide with Linux VPS Hosting? We provide various control panels with Linux VPS Hosting with options to choose from cPanel,... Will I get full Root Access with my Linux VPS? Yes, you will get full root access to your server/VPS, with the liberty to manage it as per your...
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