Why my order is getting rejected by you?

To ensure a secure online environment for our customers, we've implemented an advanced automated order verification system. This automated process operates without human intervention, offering thorough scrutiny. While rare, there is a possibility that your order may be declined or canceled by our billing system. This could occur for several reasons:

  • The billing address you provided is significantly different from the location of the IP address used to place the order.
  • You placed the order via an anonymous proxy (you have a VPN or other hide IP service enabled). However our automated billing system can distinguish between legitimate proxies and high-risk proxies.
  • Your IP address is from a country which has historically been associated with risky/fraudulent activity.
  • Your IP address may be blacklisted.
  • Your email address historically been associated with fraudulent activity.
  • Our automated billing system is able to detect fraud patterns and recognize if new transactions are associated with identifiers that been linked to fraud in the past.

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