500 Internal Server Error In Windows hosting, sometimes you may get error message 500 Internal Server Error for scripts... Can I Upgrade my Shared Hosting Plan to VPS Hosting? A shared hosting plan cannot be upgraded to VPS hosting directly. However, you can purchase a... Can I install an .exe that can serve as a Chat server on Shared server? No! We do not allow installing any exe files on our Shared servers. If installing exe file is... Can I upgrade from my current Windows hosting plan? Yes, all our shared Windows hosting plans are scalable, which means you can upgrade or downgrade... Can I use Server.MapPath("") in ASP.NET and Delete/Create Files Within my Web Space? Yes, you can use it in Windows Shared Hosting and add/edit/delete files within your webs space... Default Files and Folders in WebsitePanel Account While we create new WebsitePanel account, you may find following files and folders: wwwroot:... Do You Provide Crystal Report in Windows Hosting Plans? Windows Shared Hosting In Windows Shared Hosting, we only provide SAP Crystal Reports runtime... Do you allow email forwarding on shared hosting accounts? We don't allow forwarding of emails to GMail, AOL, Yahoo, Comcast, ATT (and all their other... Do you have Swiftmailer or PHPMailer installed and ready for use on your windows shared hosting server? You can use PHPmailer classes to send email using SMTP authentication from your PHP script. You... Do you provide catch all email accounts in Shared Hosting? We do not offer catch all account in shared hosting, due to potential problems with spam emails... Do you support ODBC MySQL drivers on Windows Shared Hosting Plans? Yes, all our Windows shared hosting plans support ODBC MySQL drivers. Get Windows Shared Hosting Do you support pop-before-smtp? Yes, POP-before-SMTP protocol is supported on all our Windows shared Hosting plans. Get... Does Windows Shared Hosting plan come with DNS Editor? Yes, you can edit your DNS records using our control panel "SolidCP".  Here is a working demo of... Does email manager add user through control panel or SmarterMail? You can add user through Solidcp  and Plesk control panel as well as SmarterMail. However, it is... Does your Windows Hosting plan support ASP.NET MVC 5? Yes, our Windows shared hosting plans do support ASP.NET MVC 5. Please refer our Windows Shared... Encountering Popup of “Unknown certificate” while connecting to the server through FTP client in Plesk Hosting To enhance the security, we’ve configured FTP over SSL and removed plain text authentication in... Error: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of xxxxxx bytes exhausted Sometimes you may receive the following error message while accessing your PHP page:Error : Fatal... Fix - Session Timeout after some seconds in umbraco installation Problem statement   Umbraco installation is throwing 401 error while uploading images.... Fix - Session Timeout after some seconds in umbraco installation Problem statement   Umbraco installation is throwing 401 error while uploading images.... How Much Email Disk Space Do I Get With Windows Shared Hosting Plans? The email disk space limit in Windows shared hosting is 2 GB per domain. That means, 2 GB email... How do I Switch to Managed WordPress Hosting from Existing Shared Hosting Plan? Existing Windows Shared Hosting Customers We offer Windows Shared Hosting plans on an IIS web... How do I fix HTTP Error 404 on my website? Following are some of the most common reasons and solutions of 404 error. You might be typing... How many synchronous connections are allowed for MySQL databases on Windows Shared Hosting Service on Plesk? We allow 30 synchronous connections for MySQL databases in windows shared hosting service on... How to Change .NET Version of Virtual Directory? This article will assist you to change ASP.Net version of virtual directory from WebsitePanel. We... How to Deploy Visual Studio 2015 Web Application Using Web Deploy Method? Follow the below instructions to get started with publishing your Visual Studio 2015 Web... How to Fix Runtime Error on Website with SDF Database? Problem Statement Runtime error on website having Database on SDF file. Solution Start IIS... How to Install Orchard CMS? This tutorial will assist you to install Orchard CMS in your website. Download Orchard CMS ZIP... How to Make ASP.Net process .html files through IIS? This can be achieved by just changing the Application pool of website to "Integrated" mode.... How to deploy web application with visual studio 2019 using web deploy method? Please refer to the following steps to deploy your application with Visual Studio 2019 using the... How to enable detailed error information from web.config file? By default, IIS web server will hide detailed error information to prevent exposing more... How to fix HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable in Windows? Error message HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable. Cause In Windows hosting,... How to reset or change shared hosting account password hosted on SolidCP? If you have forgotten your shared hosting account password on SolidCP, you can't reset it at your... I have Windows shared hosting & I want to allow pdf file as attachment on emails. Do I need to install any PHP or asp support application for the same ? No, there is no need to install or set up any application to use PDF files as email attachments.... Is it possible to change the port number in Shared Hosting? No. It is not possible to change the port number in Windows Shared Hosting, because, in our... Is there a way to access my website using an IP address and not with a domain name? As your website is hosted on shared hosting environment, you can not browse the site directly... Orchard CMS Error - Failure - Downloaded file failed signature verification and may have been tampered with You may face following errors while installing ORCHARD CMS from WebsitePanel's web application... Password Policy for Shared Hosting Email Accounts Linux Shared Hosting cPanel/ WHM enables admins to define the minimum password strength for all... Web Deploy Error "ERROR_EXCEEDED_MAX_SITE_CONNECTIONS" Problem Statement Following error is being thrown while deploying the website to... WebsitePanel error :: Web Application Gallery module is unavailable You may receive the following error while installing any Microsoft Applications from Microsoft... What is the maximum email attachment size in Windows Shared Hosting? We provide maximum 50 MB email size (so you can attach up to 50 MB). Get Windows Shared Hosting When exactly should I initiate the cancellation of my hosting account with my existing service provider? All you need to do is to wait until the nameservers are fully propagated and your website is... Why my website is still showing your parked page instead of my default page? When you a create website, AccuWebHosting parking page will be index page. Hence, you need to...
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