AccuWebHosting Offers PHP 7 Hosting If you are following recent PHP developments, you must be aware of the latest PHP version (PHP 7)... Can I install an .exe that can serve as a Chat server on Shared server? No! We do not allow installing any exe files on our Shared servers. If installing exe file is... Can I upgrade my shared hosting plan to VPS hosting? Shared hosting plan cannot be upgraded to VPS hosting directly. You can purchase a separate VPS... Can I use Server.MapPath("") in ASP.NET and Delete/Create Files Within my Web Space? Yes, you can use it in Windows Shared Hosting and add/edit/delete files within your webs space... Default Files and Folders in WebsitePanel Account While we create new WebsitePanel account, you may find following files and folders: wwwroot:... Do I get an Dedicated IP in Shared Hosting? In Shared Hosting, by default, your website is hosted on a shared IP address. If you need a... Do You Provide Crystal Report in Windows Hosting Plans? Windows Shared Hosting In Windows Shared Hosting, we only provide SAP Crystal Reports runtime... Do you allow email forwarding on shared hosting accounts? We don't allow forwarding of emails to GMail, AOL, Yahoo, Comcast, ATT (and all their other... Do you have Swiftmailer or PHPMailer installed and ready for use on your windows shared hosting server? You can use PHPmailer classes to send email using SMTP authentication from your PHP script. You... Do you have any limits for setting up Cron jobs or schedule tasks? Windows Shared Hosting Plans:We do not offer cron jobs in Windows shared hosting plans. Linux... Do you provide RDP (Remote Desktop Connection) with both Shared and VPS hosting services? No, we do not provide RDP Connection with Shared hosting. However, we provide RDP Connection with... Do you provide catch all email accounts in Shared Hosting? We do not offer catch all account in shared hosting, due to potential problems with spam emails... Do you provide nopCommerce Hosting? Yes, we do provide nopCommerce Hosting. nopCommerce is an open source ecommerce solution with... Do you support Joomla/ WordPress/ DotNetNuke websites? Yes, Joomla / WordPress / DotNetNuke Open source scripts can be installed by a single click on... Do you support ODBC MySQL drivers on Windows Shared Hosting Plans? Yes, all our Windows shared hosting plans support ODBC MySQL drivers. Get Windows Shared Hosting Do you support pop-before-smtp? Yes, POP-before-SMTP protocol is supported on all our Windows shared Hosting plans. Get... Does Windows Shared Hosting plan come with DNS Editor? Yes, you can edit your DNS records using our control panel "SolidCP".  Here is a working demo of... Does email manager add user through control panel or SmarterMail? You can add user through Solidcp  and Plesk control panel as well as SmarterMail. However, it is... Does your Windows Hosting plan support ASP.NET MVC 5? Yes, our Windows shared hosting plans do support ASP.NET MVC 5. Please refer our Windows Shared... Encountering Popup of “Unknown certificate” while connecting to the server through FTP client in Plesk Hosting To enhance the security, we’ve configured FTP over SSL and removed plain text authentication in... Fix :: nopCommerce Website Home Page Redirecting to login?ReturnUrl=%2f Problem Statement Recently one of our customer faced strange issue wherein nopCommerce website... How Much Email Disk Space Do I Get With Windows Shared Hosting Plans? The email disk space limit in Windows shared hosting is 2 GB per domain. That means, 2 GB email... How do I Switch to Managed WordPress Hosting from Existing Shared Hosting Plan? Existing Windows Shared Hosting Customers We offer Windows Shared Hosting plans on IIS web... How do I create SRV record for my domain? This article will assist you to add an SRV record to your domain. Services Resource Record (SRV)... How long Nameservers propagation could take after changing them? Nameservers propagation can take between 24 to 48 hours approximately across the globe. If you... How many synchronous connections are allowed for MySQL databases on Windows Shared Hosting Service on Plesk? We allow 30 synchronous connections for MySQL databases in windows shared hosting service on... How much experience do you have with .Net Application Hosting? Our most staff members are Computer Graduates or Masters in computers. Most of them have 5+ years... How to Add Domain Alias in WebsitePanel, cPanel and Plesk Panel? This article describes how to add domain alias in WebsitePanel, cPanel and Plesk panel. Add... How to Change .NET Version of Virtual Directory? This article will assist you to change ASP.Net version of virtual directory from WebsitePanel. We... How to Deploy Visual Studio 2015 Web Application Using Web Deploy Method? Follow the below instructions to get started with publishing your Visual Studio 2015 Web... How to Install Orchard CMS? This tutorial will assist you to install Orchard CMS in your website. Download Orchard CMS ZIP... How to Install WordPress Manually Installing WordPress is too easy using one click installers like Fantastico, Softaculous and... How to Make ASP.Net process .html files through IIS? This can be achieved by just changing the Application pool of website to "Integrated" mode.... How to Migrate Windows Shared Hosting to AccuWebHosting? This article will assist you to transfer your websites from existing Windows host to... How to create multiple stores in nopcommerce? Nopcommerce enables the creation of multiple stores from the single nopcommerce installation.... How to deploy web application with visual studio 2019 using web deploy method? Please refer to the following steps to deploy your application with Visual Studio 2019 using the... How to enable detailed error information from web.config file? By default, IIS web server will hide detailed error information to prevent exposing more... How to force HTTPS from web.config file? The Microsoft URL Rewrite Module 2.0 for IIS 7 and above enables IIS administrators to create... How to reset or change shared hosting account password hosted on SolidCP? If you have forgotten your shared hosting account password on SolidCP, you can't reset it at your... I cannot access my website using the domain name. Why? If you have recently ordered for a hosting account along with a new domain name registration, it... I have Windows shared hosting & I want to allow pdf file as attachment on emails. Do I need to install any PHP or asp support application for the same ? No, there is no need to install or set up any application to use PDF files as email attachments.... Is HTML5 Supported in Your Servers? Since HTML content has nothing to do with the web server, there are no special requirements... Is it possible to change the port number in Shared Hosting? No. It is not possible to change the port number in Windows Shared Hosting, because, in our... Is there a way to access my website using an IP address and not with a domain name? As your website is hosted on shared hosting environment, you can not browse the site directly... Is there any limitation in Table Numbers in Microsoft SQL Server database? Depending on SQL server edition and environment, there will be limitation. Please refer to the... Password Policy For Shared Hosting Email Accounts Linux Shared Hosting cPanel/WHM enables admins to define the minimum password strength for all... Web Deploy Error "ERROR_EXCEEDED_MAX_SITE_CONNECTIONS" Problem Statement Following error is being thrown while deploying the website to... What Control Panel Software Do You Use? Check out this list of the web hosting plans and the most suitable control panels available for... What Nameservers should I set to my website? Nameservers information will be available in the login details email. You can also contact our... What is FTP? It is a short term of File Transfer Protocol. It is a protocol used to exchange files over... What is an FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name)? The FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) is an entire domain name address, including hostname,... What is the database connection string for my website? It is recommended that you take the help of your web developer to define the database connection... What is the maximum email attachment size in Windows Shared Hosting? We provide maximum 50 MB email size (so you can attach up to 50 MB). Get Windows Shared Hosting When exactly should I initiate the cancellation of my hosting account with my existing service provider? All you need to do is to wait until the nameservers are fully propagated and your website is... Which email server do you offer in Windows Hosting? Windows Shared Plans In Windows Shared Hosting, we provide SmarterMail Enterprise Edition as... Which version of crystal reports runtime in Windows shared hosting with Plesk? We offer SAP crystal report version in windows shared hosting with Plesk. Get... Why does the subject prefix SPAM-LOW appear in each email I receive? If you see the word SPAM in the subject line of receiving emails, it indicates that SmarterMail... Why my website is still showing your parked page instead of my default page? When you a create website, AccuWebHosting parking page will be index page. Hence, you need to...
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