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This tutorial will assist you in installing Orchard CMS on your website.

1. Download the Orchard CMS ZIP file from the official Orchard website.

2. Extract the Orchard package ZIP and locate the Orchard folder.

3. If you want to install Orchard CMS in the main domain, then copy the content of the Orchard folder in the wwwroot folder of your website. Set ASP.Net version to 4.0 Integrated pipeline from WebsitePanel.

If you wish to install Orchard CMS to the subfolder, then copy the content to the subfolder. Next, create a virtual directory by selecting the Orchard subfolder path and setting the virtual directory's ASP.Net version to 4.0 Integrated pipeline.

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4. Orchard allows you to use either MySQL or MS SQL database as the backend. Create MSSQL or MySQL database from WebsitePanel with the help of the following video tutorials.

How to create MSSQL Database in WebsitePanel

How to create MySQL Database in WebsitePanel

5. Depending on your Orchard installation directory, browse your website page at or You would see the Get Started page appearing. At this screen, enter the following details.

Get Started

  • What is the name of your site? == Name of your website.
  • Choose a username == Orchard dashboard username you want to set
  • Choose a password == Orchard dashboard password you want to set
  • Confirm the password == Confirm password.

In the next section, select one of the database (MySQL or MSSQL) servers, and you will be given a sample connection string. Copy the connection string and replace sample data with the actual database credentials you have set in Step #4.

MSSQL Database

Data Source == MS SQL Server name or IP address.
Initial Catalog == MS SQL database name.
User ID == MS SQL database username.
Password == MS SQL database password.
MySQL Database

Data Source == localhost (in most cases).
Initial Catalog == MySQL database name.
User ID == MySQL database username.
Password == MySQL database password.

6. In the next section, you can choose an Orchard recipe to set up your website. Choose from the following Orchard recipes and click on the Finish Setup button.

  • Default == It sets up website with frequently used Orchard features.
  • Blog == It sets up website as a personal blog.
  • Core == It sets up website that has only the Orchard framework for development use.

7. Orchard installation would take a few minutes, and you would see the following screen once installed.

Welcome Page


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