How to change application pool of a website from IIS?

While you add a website from IIS Manager, you’ll get an option to select the application pool. In case you want to change the application pool later, you can modify the website properties and change the application pool from IIS. Please note that If you've chosen WebsitePanel to be installed in your VM, it is recommended that you change the application pool only from WebsitePanel. Follow the below steps to change the application from IIS.

1. Log in to your VPS via Remote Desktop. Please refer to how to login to VPS using RDP for more details.

2. Open IIS Manager (Start > Run > Type inetmgr and hit enter).

3. Under the Connections Pane, expand the VM hostname.

4. Expand Sites and select the website for which application pool you wish to change.

IIS Manager

5. Under the Actions pane, click on Advanced Settings.

Advanced Settings

6. Select the Application pool option and click the Browse button.

Application Pool

7. Select the Application pool from the dropdown menu and click OK.

Select Application Pool

8. Click OK again to close the window.

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