How do I fix the HTTP ‘404 Error’ on my website?

We have listed below some of the most common reasons and solutions for the 404 error

  1. You might be typing the incorrect URL in the browser.
    Sometimes, misspellings or mistyping the URLs, folder names, and page names result in the ‘404 error’.
  2. The webpage you browse does not exist in the website folder.
    Ask yourself if this page ever existed on your website. If it existed, then you might have removed or renamed it. So, restoring your webpage or correcting the links can resolve this error.
  3. If your web pages were moved recently and so were linked incorrectly. Check the internal and external links of web pages and correct the broken links.
  4. Webpages have been renamed recently and were not updated yet. Update the renamed web pages and correct their interlinking.
  5. Webpage resources such as images, .css, .js, or other files have been removed from the server.
    Determine the deleted resources and restore them from the recent backup.

Contact our support team if you still see the ‘404 error’ on your website.


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