What is myLittleAdmin?

myLittleAdmin is a web-based administration tool that allows you to log in to view and manage your MS SQL databases. You can query the database to view, create, delete, and update database table information. This is an alternative option if you don't want to use SQL Server Management Studio, the main tool for managing Microsoft SQL databases.

myLittleAdmin is fully integrated with the leading control panels available (Plesk) and can also be used as a standalone application. myLittleAdmin provides a reliable, efficient, and secure solution for managing SQL Server databases in (web) hosting environments. This has already convinced hundreds of hosting providers.

Features of myLittleAdmin

myLittleAdmin offers robust functionality that allows you to leverage the full capabilities of MS SQL Server through an easy-to-use web-based interface.

High-level configuration - Each feature of myLittleAdmin can be easily enabled or disabled, allowing hosts to choose which features they want to offer their customers.

User-friendly interface - myLittleAdmin interface offers the possibility to create and manage your own skins and language packs. myLittleAdmin comes with 3 language packs French, English, Japanese.

Manage Server and Database Objects - Almost all server and database objects can be managed through myLittleAdmin. This includes standard objects such as tables, views, stored procedures, indexes, constraints, functions, triggers, users and permissions.

Database Content Management - myLittleAdmin includes a powerful and editable data grid that allows you to edit and delete records while browsing your data. MyLittleAdmin also offers the ability to export data to XML, XLS and CSV formats.

Powerful Tools and Wizards - myLittleAdmin includes several powerful tools and wizards to assist customers in their daily work. A new query tool lets you run T-SQL statements. The "Generate INSERT" wizard allows you to generate a full table content T-SQL insert statement in just a few clicks. Try myLittleAdmin to discover more tools (backup wizard, restore wizard, compression wizard, CSV import wizard, etc.).


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