Fix - Session Timeout after some seconds in Umbraco installation

Problem statement

  • Umbraco installation is throwing a 401 error while uploading images.
  • Umbraco installation works fine on the local computer. Still, after deployment to the web server, the website redirects to the login screen within a few seconds.

An error in the console

GET 401 (Unauthorized) angular.min.js:106(anonymous function) angular.min.js:106o angular.min.js:102g angular.min.js:100i angular.min.js:79i angular.min.js:79(anonymous function) angular.min.js:80e.$eval angular.min.js:92e.$digest angular.min.js:90e.$apply angular.min.js:92safeApply function) function) angular.min.js:108e angular.min.js:31(anonymous function  


  1. Make sure that your web hosting provider supports Full Trust Hosting.
  2. Enable 32-bit application support for the Umbraco website. 
    If you are AccuWeb's Windows Shared Hosting customer, you can submit the support ticket from the client area to enable the 3- bit application pool.
  3. Make sure that website's web user has the necessary permissions.

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