Configure WebsitePanel to automatically assign dedicated application pool when website is being created. WebsitePanel enables you to assign separate application pool for each website you create. This... Error : 403 Forbidden error while accessing WebsitePanel Problem Statement One of our customers facing difficulties while accessing WebsitePanel.... Error :: Could not create FTP account in WebsitePanel Many times, you may receive following error while creating FTP/Email account or resetting... Error: Login failed for user WebsitePanel This error indicates that MS SQL user websitepanel is unable to communicate with WebsitePanel... Fix :: WebsitePanel error while creating an email account : "Error reading mail account information" Problem Statement Error reading mail account information (while creating an email account from... How do I login to WebsitePanel? This article will guide you on how to login to WebsitePanel Control Panel. You can obtain login... How to Check Resource Usage of My Windows VPS Through VPS Management Portal? This article describes how to check resource usage of your Windows VPS through VPS Management... How to add shared SSL folder in WebsitePanel? Get Windows VPS How to assign dedicated IP address to a website from WebsitePanel? Here are the steps to assign dedicated IP address to a website from WebsitePanel: Login to... How to change WebsitePanel password? Following tutorial will guide you to reset the WebsitePanel password. We assume that you have... How to change password for FTP User? Following tutorial will guide you to reset FTP account password from WebsitePanel. Login to... How to change the default parking page from WebsitePanel? Here are the steps to set the custom default parking page from WebsitePanel which will be used as... How to create an instant alias from WebsitePanel? An Instant alias is a temporary sub-domain in the form of It... How to import resources in WebsitePanel? WebsitePanel control panel can import hosting space resources which were manually created by... How to install FrontPage Extensions in WebsitePanel? How to restore MySQL Database from WebsitePanel? This article will assist you to restore MySQL database from WebsitePanel. Login to WebsitePanel....
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