Error: Login failed for user WebsitePanel

This error indicates that MS SQL user websitepanel is unable to communicate with WebsitePanel database due to incorrect password. To fix this error, you will need to update the password of websitepanel user on MS SQL server to match the one in the web.config file of WebsitePanel EnterPrise server.

Obtain correct password of websitepanel user

  1. Login to your server via Remote Desktop.
  2. Navigate to WebsitePanel's Enterprise Server directory (C:\WebsitePanel\Enterprise Server).
  3. Locate and edit web.config file.

    Web Config Path

  4. Find the Connection strings section and copy the password of websitepanel user from web.config file.

    Connection String

  5. Close the file.
After obtaining the correct password from web.config file, reset the websitepanel user password via MS SQL Server.

Reset websitepanel user password from MS SQL Server

  1. Login to MS SQL Server 2008 via SQL Server Management Studio with "sa" user.
  2. From the Object Explorer pane, expand the Security and then Logins option.
  3. Right click on WebsitePanel username and click Properties.

    SQL Login

    Database Properties

  4. Type the new password in Password field and retype it in Confirm Password field.
  5. Uncheck the option Enforce Password Policy.

    Reset Password

  6. Click on OK button.

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