Fix - PHPMyAdmin Error You should upgrade to MySQL 5.5.0 or later Problem statement Recently we upgraded phpMyAdmin version from to in our... Fix :: Unable to login in phpMyadmin after revoking MySQL root user Problem Statement I am not able to login into phpMyadmin after revoking root user. Solution... How do I connect MySQL database via MySQL Workbench? MySQL Workbench is the excellent MySQL client tool used to connect to remote MySQL database from... How to Administrate MySQL Server with mysqladmin commands? By using mysqladmin commands, you can perform basic MySQL tasks very easily, such as... How to Fix Error Forcing close of thread 310 user: 'root' in MySQL? Problem Statement MySQL server keeps on shutting down. Error Message C:\Program... How to Fix MySQL Error "Plugin 'InnoDB' registration as a STORAGE ENGINE failed"? Developers often encounter the error message "[ERROR] Plugin 'InnoDB' registration as a STORAGE... How to Fix MySQL Error "The server quit without updating PID file"? MySQL server plays a vital role in your Linux Server. It runs all of your website's databases,... How to Optimize MySQL Database Using phpMyAdmin? Database always grows in size due to high traffic or a large amount of content. This will lead to... How to Repair MDF Files in SQL Server Database? Important Note :  Before proceed to following steps, we strongly advise taking your database... How to Repair a MySQL Database Through Linux and Windows Command Line? This article describes how to repair MySQL database tables through Linux and Windows command... How to back up MySQL databases using AutoMySQLBackup? What is AutoMySQLBackup? AutoMySQLBackup is a script that allows you to schedule the automatic... How to change MySQL root password from WHM? In this article, we will describe steps to change the root password of MySQL server from WHM.... How to check MYSQL Database size in phpMyAdmin and via command? Sometimes it is required to check the MySQL Database size. You can check it from the phpMyAdmin... How to check active MS-SQL connections? Following are the steps to check active database connection in the MS SQL server please follow... How to connect MySQL using Python? There are several ways to use python to connect with the MySQL database. In this article, we will... How to connect MySQL using node js? This article will show you how to connect to a MySQL database using the Node.js. Note: Node.js... How to connect Remote MySQL database in connection string? You can access the remote MySQL database if a remote MySQL server (where your database is hosted)... How to convert time zone in MySQL? You can change the timezone in MySQL using php function CONVERT_TZ. Following is the SQL command... How to edit the my.cnf file of MySQL in Linux VPS? VPS Hosting and Dedicated server customers can edit MySQL configuration settings by modifying... How to enable the slow query log in MySQL? Slow MySQL queries can significantly lower down the performance of your web application and eat... How to fix InnoDB database corruption error? Check the log files. If you find InnoDB database corruption, follow the below mentioned steps:... How to fix error: "Host IP is blocked because of many connection errors"? While working with MySQL, you may encounter this error: "Host 'IP' is blocked because of many... How to increase max_user_connections in MySQL from Linux VPS? More often, you receive Too many connections error when you attempt to connect MySQL server. This... How to rename MySQL Database from cPanel? cPanel offers MySQL Database rename option. Renaming MySQL Database requires while migrating... How to rename MySQL Database table from phpMyAdmin? It’s very easy to rename a table in phpMyAdmin. To do so, simply follow these steps: MySQL... How to set ut8mb4 for mysql via phpMyAdmin? Please refer to the following steps to change MySQL server collation via phpMyAdmin Login to... How to take a Backup and Restore of MySQL Databases via Command Line? mysqldump is an easy and quick tool to create a backup of MySQL databases. It creates a dump file... MySQL Connection Errors and Troubleshooting This article will assist you to fix the common causes of MySQL connection errors along with steps...
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