How to Promote and Share your Affiliate Links?

Are you an affiliate marketer looking for a guide to help you find ways to share your affiliate links? Well, you are at the right place. We have done a comprehensive survey and listed down some of the most effective ways to promote your affiliate links to earn a high commission.

I can give you thousands of examples of people who got successful by doing affiliate marketing. You can earn enough revenue by promoting affiliate links that you can quit your daily 9 to 5 jobs and make affiliate marketing your primary business.

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Best ways to promote affiliate links:

Note: Many affiliate programs do not allow sharing direct affiliate links which means you cannot share your affiliate links on any platforms other than your own website or YouTube videos. If you are an AccuWeb Affiliate, you can use any of the following platforms to share your affiliate links and earn some commission.

Writing blogs:

Writing blogs about comparisons or reviews are some of the best ways to promote your affiliate links. There are higher chances of getting traffic due to customers’ tendency to read reviews and compare services before purchasing the products.

While writing these articles, you need to include all the information a customer is looking for before purchasing the product. Read more

YouTube Videos:

Making YouTube videos is another effective way to promote your affiliate links. Here also, you can make comparisons and review videos or tutorials of using the products.

Provide valuable content through these videos and focus on making attractive thumbnails and titles for getting more exposure. Read more

Social Media:

You can utilize the huge traffic of social media to fill your pockets with affiliate commissions. For promoting affiliate links, you can make a Facebook or Instagram page where you recommend your favorite products along with the affiliate links to earn some commission. Read more

Email Marketing:

By promoting your affiliate links via emails, you are getting directly into your audience’s inbox, where there are higher chances of getting noticed and making conversions. You can send a series of emails or newsletters to provide useful information to your email list and recommend some products along with them by sharing affiliate links. Read more

Some other effective ways to promote affiliate links:

  1. Making resource pages
  2. Forum posting
  3. Podcasts
  4. Writing E-books
  5. Including links in free/paid online courses
  6. Linked in posts/profiles
  7. Pinterest
  8. Messenger Apps


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