How To Share Your Affiliate Links With Emails?

Want to stay a step ahead of your affiliate competitors?

Looking for a way to boost your affiliate earnings to a more significant extent?

Have difficulties in making conversions from your affiliate links?

Email marketing could be the best solution for you. 

Email marketing has been there since the beginning of online marketing. One of the oldest and most effective digital marketing techniques, emails have a charm of personalization that no other platform has.

Imagine pitching the products directly to your potential customer. Is there anything more connective than this? I don’t think so. Emails have the highest ROI ratio with the facts backing it. Research has proven that 1 dollar spent on an email campaign can generate around $50. 

Apply this golden marketing strategy for your affiliate business and boost your earnings by a considerable amount. 


How to share your affiliate links via emails?

Wait for a minute; you have an email list, right? If you don’t have an email list, build one first by placing popup messages or contact forms on your website. Tell people to subscribe to your newsletter and make a good email list to promote affiliate links. Do not forget to verify your email list. 

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Now let’s get started with the ways to promote your affiliate links:


Share some valuable information:

Here you cannot write reviews or comparison emails; spare that for your blogs and YouTube. Because no one likes getting spam emails in their inbox about the product you are promoting; instead, share something informative, something you are best at, something unique than any other emails you get daily.

Let me help you here; if you do not have content ideas, start with something trending right now; keep your audience up-to-date with the latest news. Or write something to support your affiliate product; do not share raw affiliate links without any valuable content. 


Send an email series:

As we are talking about writing content in the email, why not send a series of emails with thorough knowledge? For example, suppose you are an expert in website building; write a series of emails providing all the valuable information from the beginning till the end. Along with those emails, share your affiliate links for website builder tools.

The other way is to make a sales funnel. Write 3 to 4 emails providing information about the product, do not make it whole promotional. Instead, start your first email by merely introducing the product. Then share some advantages of using that product; what will the customer get by purchasing the product? Then tell people to buy the product from your affiliate link if they find it valuable. And send the final email telling them this is the last chance to purchase it or offer some discount to the customers.

Always provide an unsubscribe button with your emails so that people can opt-out of your list.

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Avoid these mistakes while doing email marketing:


Do not sell your audience:

Your audience has given you their valuable email address putting some trust in you, do not sell your audience by sending spam emails. Do not be that guest who spoils the family dinner, be a coffee friend that keeps you motivated. 

Be the one to share some valuable knowledge to uplift the lives of others, and avoid being a vendor. 

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Do not share odd links:

Many affiliates make the mistake of sharing links without understanding the audience’s interest. How can you earn some commission if you share affiliate links of a lollipop with grandpas? 

Try to understand the interest of your email list and categorize this list according to demographic characteristics like gender, age, and interests. Then send relevant emails to increase your chances of conversions. 


Are you allowed to share your affiliate links via emails:

Read the affiliate program’s terms and conditions before sharing your affiliate links via emails, many businesses do not allow email traffic, and you might end up getting your affiliate account suspended. 

It is not an issue if you are an AccuWeb Affiliate because we allow traffic from any marketing platform. 


Do not forget to analyze your campaigns:

Campaign analysis is a must for any affiliate marketer. Looking at the statistics of previous campaigns will allow you to make the required changes. If you do not understand the statistics, you might spend your money on campaigns that are not earning anything and ignore the most profitable ones.

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Final Words:

After applying these marketing strategies to your affiliate campaigns, you will surely get impressive results. Focus on learning new ways and improvising your campaigns every time by understanding which methods work well for you and your audience. Earning money from affiliate marketing is not difficult if you do it correctly. 

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