How to Build Your Affiliate Marketing Email List

Affiliate marketing can be really profitable and get you tons of money. 

"Then, why am I unable to make that much money?"

The reason can be, "You are focused on a single source for promoting affiliate links."

Consider diversifying the channels to get clicks on your affiliate links, and one of the best ways can be "Email Marketing."

"Email marketing? Who reads emails nowadays? Isn't it dead?"

A big NO!

With over 4.2 billion email users, email marketing is very much alive. And you are missing out on a great opportunity if you are not utilizing it for your affiliate campaigns.

Don't you have an email list yet? - Here, we have listed all you need to build an email list from scratch.


Best Strategies to Build Your Affiliate Marketing Email List

Email Service Provider:

Getting an email marketing provider is crucial. You can segment your email list, send personalized emails, create attractive templates, and check the performance; countless benefits exist. Some of the best email marketing providers are Mailchimp, Sendinblue, ConvertKit, etc. 

Make sure you follow all the email marketing guidelines while creating an email list and getting information about people. Also, you will require their permission before sending them emails. An excellent way to get permission is to send a confirmation email while they subscribe to your mailing list. 

Add Signup Forms:

Next, you need to get emails from people. Use signup forms on your website; people will add their names and email addresses to these forms and subscribe to your mailing list. Most email service providers give you embed codes or widgets that you can add to your website.

Another thing you can do to get emails is by searching for the emails and making a manual list, but this will not be much effective as they have not subscribed themselves, and there are more chances that your emails will end up getting into the spam folders.

Focus on Conversion Optimization:

Setting up a signup form would not be enough as people do not visit your websites with the motive of subscribing to your email list. You will need to attract them. To do this, you can add popups to your website. Or give people something in return, for example, a quick guide, ebook, checklist, or anything else. Make your signup form more attractive by adding a catchy headline and a winning signup button.

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Keep Signup Forms Short:

People like signing up for anything if you make it easy for them. 

And this makes the design and structure of your signup extremely important.

If your signup forms are not attractive and straightforward enough or people need to fill in too much information, it will impact the conversion rate negatively. 

You need to find a perfect balance between asking for minimum information and getting all the essential details you want to personalize your mailing list. 



Improve Audience Engagement:

It is necessary to grab people's attention until they subscribe to your mailing list. And to do so, you will be required to perform all the crucial techniques to increase audience engagement. 

  • Optimize Your Content:

The content on your page is the primary factor impacting audience engagement. Therefore, your content needs to be informative and entertaining to make people connect and read throughout.

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  • Page Design:

No matter how informative your content is, if your website design is not compelling enough, people will hardly invest time in reading it. If you have added so many outgoing links, ads, and popups, haven't structured the headings and text properly, or the background color doesn't highlight the main parts of your page, people will drop out.  

  • Visuals:

People like to see images, videos, and infographics more than to read the content. Make sure you add relevant visuals in between paragraphs at regular intervals to get people to connect with you. 

Focus on Improving Email Content:

Your emails must be excellent for your audience to keep reading them and be engaging and informative so that people keep opening them. 

Subscribe to your competitors' newsletters, find what they are doing and what topics they are writing on, and add interesting facts and news to your newsletters. Again, write about your audience's needs rather than what you want them to read. You might also ask your audience about their interest and what they would like to read. 

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