What is the minimum balance required for affiliate withdrawal?

You can request for fund withdrawals anytime, when you have $200 USD or more in your affiliate account. Minimum balance required for withdrawal is $200 USD.

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How do I receive my affiliate commission?

Your affiliate commission will be always paid to your PAYPAL account. Your affiliate...

Can a client use the affiliate withdrawal amount to renew his/her services?

No, we do not offer such  feature in which a client can directly request to use his/her affiliate...

What is the affiliate sign up bonus?

When any client signs up for our affiliate feature, a balance of $25 will be added to his/her...

What are the payment methods available for affiliate commission payout?

All affiliate commissions are paid out to your PAYPAL account only.

What are the affiliate restrictions and responsibilities?

Restrictions and responsibilites are as follows: You must have an ACTIVE account in good...