What commission will I get when I refer a visitor to your website?

We do have different slabs for Affiliate Commission. You will find more details on this at our Affiliate Page. The service should remain active for the minimum 90 days. If the customer cancels the service within 90 days from the signup date, you will not be entitled to get the commission for that sale. As an affiliate, customers will be able to visit our website directly from your website. Upon each successful signup from your referrals, you will receive a reward.

This is an ideal value added service that you can offer on your website, and earn some extra money while doing it. It's also hassle-free. Just send them to us and we will be sure to take care of them.

Through our program, you will have a personal Affiliate login, as well as our online administration, where you can:

  1. View click-through ratios of your links or banner promotions to our site
  2. View payments by sign-up
  3. Download your personalized tracking code
  4. Track your commission payouts
  5. and more.

For more information about our Affiliate Program, you can refer to this URL.

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What are the payment methods available for affiliate commission payout?

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