Conversion Optimization and A/B Testing For Affiliate Marketing

Most affiliate marketers think that the more traffic you get, the more money you will be able to make. This concept is somehow true, but it heavily ignores the existing visitors of your website and the willingness of those visitors to purchase the product.

So here, your website's conversion rate comes into the scene, which shows the complete result of the visitor landing on your site and purchasing the product.


What is Conversion?

A successful conversion means that your website visitor has performed your desired action. This action can be purchasing the product or other small goals like filling up the contact form, signing up for the newsletter, clicking on the affiliate links, etc. 



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What is the Conversion Rate?

The conversion ratio is a percentage value that measures the number of conversions to your website against the number of visitors. 


People use multiple strategies to calculate their conversion rates. 

  • You can calculate it by dividing the total conversions by the total visitors. 
  • Or, you can choose to divide your total conversions by total unique visitors, as some visitors might have visited your website multiple times and finally purchased the product on the last visit.

For instance, if A visited your site four times and purchased 1 product, the conversion ratio would be,

1/4 * 100 = 25%

However, you can choose the method to calculate your conversions as per your website and goals.


Why Should You Focus on Conversion Rate?

You can identify how your current marketing strategy works by optimizing your conversion rate. It also helps you identify how changing a marketing strategy or promotion method affects your conversions and which strategy is more profitable for your website.


What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is an analytical method that identifies the performance in two different scenarios. It’s about implementing two different strategies to see which one gets better results. 

You can create two different versions of your website or marketing campaign, which the same amount of audience will witness, and by analyzing the results in both cases, you can decide which one is working well for your audience. This method is not about making assumptions; instead, it’s about carefully comparing the cases alongside.



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How to Optimize Conversion Rate with A/B Testing?

Try a simple experiment, make a small change to your CTA button.

  • First, show button A to 100 visitors and button B to the other 100 visitors.
  • Then, check the conversion rate in both scenarios.
  • If you get a high conversion rate in button B, it will be more suitable for your website. 


However, you always cannot rely on such a small change because there can be other factors. So, A/B testing is a continuous process. You need to make changes, compare and examine the results, and improve your website to get better results every time. 

This way, you can constantly try to make minor or major changes to your website to improve gradually to make it perfect.



Focusing on conversion rate optimization can help you increase your affiliate earnings, and connecting A/B testing with CRO can help you easily achieve your business goals. But you need to make sure that you don’t stop optimizing your conversion rate once you get some good results, as CRO is an ongoing process, and you can always improve your website conversions and earnings.

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