What are the Email Marketing Best Practices For Affiliates

Even after so many arguments on why email marketing is one of the best promotion methods, it might not get the amount of attention that other marketing channels get. Still, you can never avoid the fact that it can drive enormous benefits to affiliate marketers. 

With that thought in mind, let's get started with the best email marketing practices you can try for your affiliate link promotion and avail the benefits others are missing out on.

First, if you are new to email marketing and don't have an email list, read our article on How to Build Your Affiliate Marketing Email List?


Best Email Marketing Practices For Affiliates:

email marketing best practices

Personalize Your Emails:

One of the crucial and obvious things you must do is to personalize your emails. Emails starting with "Dear Member" or "Hello" will never attract people. If a person has clicked and opened your email, such words should never be the first thing they read. 

Always greet people with their first names; readers are more likely to pay attention to those emails where their name is written, and such interest is the only key to engaging people to read your email thoroughly. 

Personalize Emails

Keep the Main Message Above the Fold:

People don't have time to read stories or unnecessary paragraphs. So, writing the heart of your emails first is better than talking in circles. 

Above the fold means the things visible to the readers before scrolling down the page. Indeed, people scroll more often than they used to earlier because of social media, but the first screen is still likely to get attention.

Also, it is suggested that you keep your CTA in the same area, as there are more chances to get a higher conversion rate, but still, you should always test your campaigns and improve them as per your audience's interest. 

Above the Fold

Try placing the CTA at different places and apply A/B testing to find what works best for you. 


Spell Out the Offer in the Subject Line:

Suppose you are promoting an excellent product, and for the cherry on the cake, you have a winning offer to make anyone fall for it. 

But wait, what if people haven't even opened your email to know that offer? You will not make them convert. 

So, if you have a winning offer, attract people by spelling it out in your subject line. Then, there are more chances of getting a high open rate and an impressive conversion rate on your campaigns. 

However, do not spam them with all the savings and discount emails; keep it natural.



Do Not Buy Email List:

While it's illegal to send emails to people who have not subscribed to your mailing list and a very unethical thing to do, it is still worth mentioning here.

Email marketing is all about maintaining a beautiful open rate; if you are spamming people who don't know you at all, you will never find the desired performance of your email campaigns.

Spam Email

Clean the Mailing List Regularly:

It might seem hard, but cleaning the email list regularly is very important for the success of your campaign. 

Why should you clean your email list?

People might sign up for your mailing list and not opt out (unsubscribe) even if they are not interested in receiving your emails. As a result, they do not open and read your emails, which will drop your email open rate heavily, affecting the success rate of your overall campaign. 

So, it's advisable to send emails to only those who often read them and remove people who are no longer interested in you. 


Focus on Quality Over Quantity:

Email marketing is not about continuously sending unattractive emails to show consistency; it will never work if you are not sharing something useful with your audience. 

More emails do not mean more clicks and conversions; the results would definitely be the opposite. Start at a slow pace, understand the interest and response of your audience and then gradually increase the numbers maintaining the quality of each one. 



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