How to Promote Your Affiliate Links on Social Media?

Affiliate marketing has become a lucrative business, and social media has expanded manifolds. But some of you might be having this question - why should we do Affiliate marketing on social media? Why share affiliate links on social media when we can do it from our blog or YouTube? 

With the massive daily traffic from all over the world, social media has emerged as something more than a communication platform. As a result, the doors of social media are wide open for marketers and businesses to make a lot of money. And you can also share your affiliate links on social media to boost your conversions using this traffic. 


How to get started as a social media Affiliate Marketer?

Note: Many affiliate programs will not allow you to share your affiliate links on social media, thus read the terms and conditions of your affiliate programs before taking any actions. 

To get started as a social media affiliate marketer, the first thing you need to do is choose the right marketing platform for yourself. There are many social media platforms where you can share affiliate links; you can start with the most popular ones:



The largest name in the social media channels, Facebook has around 3 billion monthly active users. And trust me, most businesses treat this platform as their second website. There are a couple of ways that you can share affiliate links. 

Make a Facebook page first, where you can share product reviews, comparisons, or recommendations. Alternatively, there are many Facebook groups where people like to share their experiences using a particular product; you can join them and share your affiliate links with them. Creating a Facebook page will give you an edge over tracking the data and managing all your promotional activities in a single place.



Currently, the young generation spends more of their time using Instagram than any other social media platform. And this trend is not going anywhere; the scope is wide open for you, and you cannot make the mistake of ignoring Instagram as an affiliate marketer. 

There are some restrictions on sharing affiliate links on your posts, but you can add the affiliate links in your bio and tell people to check out the URL by making the most attractive posts. 



Twitter is another popular social media platform that can get you some good affiliate commissions. In addition, you can try alternative strategies to increase impressions on your Tweets. 

For instance, you already know that trends on Twitter change so fast. So keep your eye on trending hashtags and grab the opportunity of sharing your affiliate links whenever something related to your niche becomes trendy. 

The chances of impression will increase a lot when you use such hashtags in your Tweets. 



What are the best strategies that you can use?


Become an influencer:

Influencers hold most of the social media market. Join some influencer communities in the beginning. Learn from your fellow influencers; then you can start on your own and make huge money from your affiliate links after building an audience. 


Try to find PPC affiliate programs:

Joining PPC affiliate programs will give you the advantage of getting a click commission even if your referred customer doesn’t make any purchase. And you should look for such affiliate programs when you share affiliate links on social media. 

When you are looking for a PPC affiliate program, why not join a program that offers you a commission per click with a commission per sale. Check out AccuWeb Hosting’s Affiliate Program to get more information. 

Focus on giving something first:

This step is important; you cannot just make a social media profile and start sharing your affiliate links. Do not make the mistake of filling up the timeline of others with your affiliate links. People will mark spam against your profile for doing this. Alternatively, build an audience first, share some great information with your posts and build a trust factor with the audience. 

No business can survive longer without building its brand. So, give something to the audience first and then expect to get something in return. 


Only recommend quality products:

Do not promote anything merely for earning commission; your audience doesn’t recognize the business; they recognize you. It will harm your reputation if you make them pay for bad products. 

The takeaway 

Social media is a part of everyone’s lives, do not merely consider social media as a pastime. Instead, implement these marketing strategies and fill your pockets with affiliate commissions.


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