How to Write Affiliate Reviews?

Getting assured about the product before purchasing is a basic need of a person, and it gets more important when you are spending your hard-earned cash. Since the beginning of time, humans have been doing this, asking their friends and family about their experiences before purchasing the products. And the invention of the internet and blogging has made this thing a new-promotion tool. 

Reports say that, on average, 90% of the consumers read reviews about the product before purchasing. 

In this article, we will try to cover all the basic things that you need to look for while writing the product reviews that help you convert and make some online earnings. 


What Exactly are Product Reviews?

Product review is content that is dedicated to a single product. That includes all the little things a potential customer is looking for before purchasing the product. 

Ideally, product reviews are written by a niche blogger who has enough knowledge about the niche and can give an unbiased opinion to help customers find their best suitable product. 

As the customer cannot trust a salesperson or the business about the product, he chooses to find an honest review to solve his queries. 

NOTE: While writing the product reviews as an affiliate, you should not disclose something that the product is not offering or make any false promises about the products to increase the sales. Your interest should be giving an honest, unbiased review. 



How to Write Affiliate Product Reviews?

You must keep these things in mind before writing the affiliate product reviews:


Understand the Product:

It is obvious that you cannot review something that you don’t know about. If you still write, your content would be based on some assumptions, or it would be merely a copy of another article. In both of these scenarios, you or your audience will not get anything beneficial. 

Google often penalizes duplicate content, and in addition to that, your audience will find no value because they would get the same thing that others have already said.

So, you need to think from a buyer’s point of view and an expert’s point of view to get all the required information about the product.


Understand what buyers would like to know:

Another thing you need to identify is what the reader might be looking for? Make a rough guide, list out some questions like this, 

  • Is the product easy to use?
  • Is it worth the money I am spending?
  • Does it provide all the features that business claims?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages?
  • How good is the after-sales service?
  • What should I keep in mind while using it?
  • Is it suitable for me? (Student/ housewife/ male/ female/ children/ parent/ worker...etc.)
  • What are its other competing products?
  • What are the experiences of existing buyers?

Solve these questions in your content, and half of your work for writing the best review is complete. Now let’s get into the second part.


Things to Include in the Product Reviews

Price: You should always include the price of the product in your review. Also, mention your personal opinion if the price justifies the value or not?

Pictures: Do not forget visuals; always add images of the product in your reviews; it will make them more realistic and trustworthy. Additionally, readers will not get tired of reading all the text. 

Comparisons: Include comparison sections in your review where you compare other competing products. So that people can easily choose the best suitable product according to their desires. 

Star Ratings: Any review is incomplete without the star ratings. Research existing customer reviews and add the average star ratings in your article. It will give customers a quick idea of whether the product is worthy of buying or not.  


The takeaway

Emphasize more on providing value by solving the reader’s queries rather than promoting the product. You will surely get more benefit from it. Again mentioning that do not make any false claims that can harm your and the brand’s image. Keep it natural and earn more. 


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