How to Share Your Affiliate Links on YouTube?

I am sure you are all aware of the number of traffic YouTube has. People spend hours and hours watching videos on YouTube. 

And you might also know those people who got successful posting videos on YouTube, but have you ever thought about doing the same yourself? 

I know making a YouTube channel is a tiring thing, and it takes months to get some considerable traffic on your videos, and even if you got the traffic somehow, what about monetizing it? 

YouTube monetization is good, but if you don’t want to spam your audience by showing unwanted advertisements and spoiling their mood, affiliate marketing might be the best fit for you. 



How can I share my affiliate links on YouTube?

Once you have joined an affiliate program, you will get your unique affiliate links. Then you can start by making some quality videos on YouTube and place your affiliate links in the description of the videos. 

Here I am sharing some ideas you can implement to make the most out of your affiliate links and make a good commission. 


What types of videos should I make on YouTube?

Review videos:

Make a channel in a particular category. For example, digital marketing, web development, music, sports, anything, and make review videos about the products or services in that niche. There are higher chances of getting traffic in such videos.

Ranking videos:

I am sure you must have come across such videos, top 10 songs of 2021, or top 10 site builders in the USA. You got the point, right!?

How to / tutorial videos:

Spreading education is a good thing, and solving people’s queries too. And what if you can make money while doing such work. How to make a website/ take beautiful pictures/ write the best email, etc. Make videos on what you do the best, and people will come to see you.

Unboxing videos:

Product unboxing is another best thing to do. Start with the products you own, or even purchase some if required; once you succeed, brands will contact you, give you free products and pay you for making videos. 


Tips to get the best out of your YouTube videos:

Now, we have got an idea about making YouTube videos and placing affiliate links in the description, but how to make them the best to make people click on your affiliate links and make you some money?

Make high-quality videos:

Purchase a good camera, or if you are lacking a budget, your smartphone is good. While making the video, place your camera in front of you and ensure that it doesn’t move. Look into the lens as if you are looking into the eye of your audience. This is the ideal way to make a perfect video. 

Make post-processing:

Editing the video is as important as shooting the video. Use good software for post-processing, edit your audio and remove all the unwanted, disturbing noises in the background.

Make an attractive template:

No matter how good your video is, if the template and the title are not attractive, no one will click on it, and you won’t get enough according to your effort. Make a good picture and find a user-friendly title understanding the search queries. 

Use different strategies to get traffic:

The primary thing to get traffic is by doing YouTube SEO using high-volume keywords and tags in your video’s title and description. If you are not getting enough results, go for paid traffic, collaborate with other YouTubers, and find similar things to promote your videos. 

Make a social media presence:

Be active on your social media, share your new videos on your social media profile, and engage with the audience. 

Now, do not waste any further time thinking and implement these simple steps to fill your pockets with money. Join AccuWeb Hosting Affiliate Program today to earn a commission of upto $200 per sale with an additional PPC commission for referring visitors.

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