How to access SolidCP on HTTPS?

Here are the steps to access SolidCP on HTTPS.

Below are the basic requirements.

  • Domain name/Sub-domain
  • SSL certificate
  • Administrator level access 

Let's consider as your domain name, and you want to run the SolidCP control panel on "" You also want to run your control panel in a secure environment, e.g., on

  1. If you don't have an SSL certificate installed on, please install that using this article.

  2. Login to the server.

  3. Open the search bar and search the IIS. Next, click on the Internet Information Service (IIS) Manager.

  4. Once the IIS has opened, click on the WIN-********, click on the sites as shown in the below screen capture.

  5. Click on the Solidcp portal website, then click on the bindings shown in the below screen capture.

  6. Click on the Add button as shown in the below screen capture.

  7. Select HTTPS from the drop-down, as shown in the below screen capture.

  8. Here, follow the below steps.

    • Select the IP address from the drop-down menu.
    • Add the domain name in the hostname section on which SolidCP will work.
    • Check the Checkbox located beside "Require server name indication."
    • Select the certificate which is issued for that domain name from the drop-down. Then click on the "Ok" button.
    • Now, The SolidCP starts working on the HTTPS.

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