How to configure SolidCP to automatically assign Dedicated Application Pool when Website is being created?

SolidCP allows you to create a Dedicated Application Pool for each website you create. This helps you to isolate the resources among the websites created in IIS. If you don't have SolidCP installed on your Windows VPS, you can do it directly from IIS. Check out this URL to set Dedicated Application pool for each website in IIS manually.

  1. Login to SolidCP with serveradmin user.

  2. Click on Policies at the lower right corner.

  3. Inside Policies, Click on WEB Policy.

  4. Go to the General Settings >> Web Site Settings >> Security Settings.

  5. Tick the Dedicated Application Pool and click on the Save button from below.

Change Application Pool for the Existing Website :

Steps we have discussed above are useful for the newly created website. In case, you need to set the Dedicated Application pool for the existing websites in SolidCP, you will need to take the below extra steps.

  1. Go to your Hosting plan of the website and make sure the Dedicated application pool is enabled.

  2. Select Dedicated Applicationp Pool in Security Settings and click on Save Changes Button.

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