How To Take Full Backup Of Your Hosting Space Created In SolidCP?

There is no one spot to take backup of an entire SolidCP hosting account. you need to take the backups of emails, webcontents and databases individually. We have listed
here about each backup in this article.

Backup of Emails:

To take the backup of your emails, you need to configure your emails accounts into email client and download your all the emails.Please check the following url to configure your email account with email client software:

Backup of Web-contents:

Using FTP Client software, you can Download your web contents into your local system. Visit the following article to create FTP account:

Visit the following article to configure FTP account with FTP Client software and download your web contents:

Backup of your MSSQL Database:

You can backup your database directly from SolidCP, visit the following article to take backup of your MSSQL database:

Backup of your MySQL Database:

MySQL database backup can be also taken from your SolidCP, visit following article to take backup of your MySQL database:

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