How to install Plesk Control Panel on Windows server?

This article will assist you to install the Plesk Control Panel on Windows Server.
Note: If Window updates are running on your server, don't initiate for Plesk installation and configurations.  Let the Window Updates installed completely then proceed with the Plesk Installation/Configurations. 

Step - 1

Log in to your Windows VPS via Remote Desktop and browse this link to Download the Plesk Panel Installer.

Step -  2

Once the installer file is downloaded, run the setup file to initiate the setup process.

Plesk Installer File

Step - 3

This will launch the Plesk installation web interface in default browser of your system as shown in following screen.

Plesk Installer

Step - 4

On the next screen, you will see Plesk login screen appearing on URL http://localhost:8447. Specify your Administrator credentials and click on Log In button.

Login Screen

Step - 5

On the next screen, click on Install or Upgrade Product link.

Install Product

Step - 6

Check the checkbox Plesk and select the Stable Plesk version from the drop-down menu. Click on Continue button.

Plesk Version

Step - 6

On the next screen, select the Installation Type as Custom and click on Continue button.

Custom Install

Step - 7

Select the components you wish to install in your server and click on the Continue button. In the default VPS configuration, we install components selected in the following screens. If you wish, you can select/deselect the components according to your requirements. In our setup, we chose the MS SQL Server 2016, though you can select your choice of MS SQL Server.

Plesk Components

Plesk Components

Plesk Componenets

Step - 8

Keep the paths of the installation directory, user data and website content as they are. Specify the Plesk Administrator password and click on Continue button. This will launch the component installation process.

Enter Password

Step - 9

You can see the Plesk installation progress as shown in following screen. Note that Plesk installation may take approximate 1 to 2 hours based on your Internet connection.

Installation Progress

When Plesk is installed, you will see the following successful completion screen.

Successful Installation of Plesk

Step - 10

On the next screen, accept the terms of the license agreement. Check the checkbox Do not show it again if you don't want this screen to appear again while login to Plesk.  

Accept Terms

Step - 11

Specify the hostname of the server and change the default administrator password. Click on OK button to proceed.


Step - 12

Specify the details of Plesk Administrator and click OK button to proceed.

Step - 13

On the next screen, click on Install Key to activate the Plesk license key.

Install Key

Step -14

On the next screen, choose your choice of license activation method. Either specify the activation code you received in registered email account, OR you can upload the XML file of the license key.

Enter Key

Step - 15

Specify the domain name of your first webspace, shared IP address, system user account username, password and click on OK button to proceed.

Space Settings

Step - 16

On the next screen, you will see Plesk Welcome screen as follows. You can simply skip it by clicking on button OK, back to Plesk.

Welcome Screen

Step - 17

Browse the Plesk panel admin URL and you will see the Plesk dashboard screen as follows.

Welcome Page

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