How to reset the password of SmarterTrack without the current password?

Below mentioned are the steps to reset the password of SmarterStats, in case, if you forget the password:

  1. Login to Your Windows VPS through Remote Desktop.
  2. Go to Start Menu -> Administrative Tools -> Services.
  3. Locate the SmarterTrack Service and stop the service.
  4. Open My Computer.
  5. Go to C:\Program Files\SmarterTools\SmarterTrack.
  6. Open Directory App_Data.
  7. Open Directory Config.
  8. Backup a copy of SystemSettings.xml.
  9. Open SystemSettings.xml in Notepad and edit it.
  10. Find the below section in file:
    <AdminUserName> ... </AdminUserName>
    <AdminPasswordEnc> ... </AdminPasswordEnc>
  11. Remove the above entries from the file and save the file.
  12. Start the SmarterTrack Service.
  13. Browse SmarterTrack and enter below default details to login to SmarterTrack:
    Username: admin
    Password: admin

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