CDN Hosting Price Following are CDN Hosting Prices for 10 GB CDN Bandwidth: $3.95 USD Monthly + $1.00 USD Setup... Can you provide some more information on CDN Hosting Service? A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a large distributed system of servers deployed in multiple... Do I need to change the DNS if I want to use CDN service? No, you don’t need to change your site's DNS for CDN Hosting. You just need to add a CNAME record... Does CDN service automatically cache my static files? Yes, our edge servers will store your website's static contents automatically.  If you have... How can I check from which location do you serve my traffic? Use any of these tools: Just Ping your CDN Hostname from the command prompt for Windows, and... How can my bandwidth usage will get decreased if I use CDN hosting? Bandwidth usage will be as following (this is equally applicable for websites hosted on... How do I Integrate My Website with CDN Services? A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a large distributed system of servers deployed in multiple... How do I clear my cache and purge from the CDN? We offer in-house caching services to ensure your website is delivered faster, no matter where... How do I know bandwidth consumption of my CDN package? You can login to your billing area, and check the CDN usage. Moreover, if you have any questions... How many CDN servers do AccuWebHosting have? We at AccuWebHosting have deployed 107 geographically distributed CDN edge servers. → Looking to... How to allow/deny specific countries for CDN networks from your client area? For creating a new CDN resource: Upon CDN resource creation or edit, click on the "Advanced... How to enable CDN resource for SSL enabled general websites? Video Tutorial This article covers the steps to create a CDN Resource for your SSL-enabled... How to enable CDN resource for general websites? Video Tutorial: This article covers the steps to create a CDN Resource for a general website.... How to integrate CDN with Joomla? In this tutorial, we will walk you through integrating your Joomla website with CDN service.... How to integrate CDN with WordPress? In this tutorial, we will walk you through to integrate your WordPress website with CDN service.... How to integrate CDN with codeignator? IMP: You can use the steps of this article if you have purchased the AccuWeb Hosting CDN Service.... I am looking for CDN targeted to the US market. How is your service performance in USA? For US-targeted websites, we have more than 30 POPs in various locations throughout the Country.... I have one website that is targeted for the entire United States and one website targets only California. Will CDN work for me? CDN will be helpful to both websites. For California targeted website, "static content" will be... If I purchase CDN from you, can I see my videos live at mobile with RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol)? Yes, CDN content will be seamlessly distributed on your Mobile browsers. You can see Live videos... Is CDN free of cost service? No, CDN Hosting is a chargeable product service.Want to know about the Bandwidth usage if you are... Is it possible to have more than one CNAMEs pointing at the same origin? Yes, you do not need to create individual CDNs to have more CNAMEs for the same origin. Send us a... Is it possible to use your CDN services for the website hosted somewhere else? Yes, you can use our CDN services for websites that are hosted somewhere else.Want to clear the... Is the CDN feature available for self managed VPS customers? Yes, regardless of any purchased services from AccuWebHosting or from another service provider,... My website is hosted with other hosting provider. If I purchase CDN Hosting from you, do I need to transfer my hosting? No. You do not need to change your hosting provider, if you purchase CDN Hosting from us. You... Price $3.95 / 10 GB is for per website or per VPS? It is per Domain per Month. Rather than the "per domain" term, the ideal term should be "per... What Static contents are included in CDN hosting? Static contents included are Javascript files, Images, CSS files, Videos, Flashes and Audios.... What is CDN Hosting? How it works? How to integrate it with my website? What is CDN Hosting? CDN (Content Delivery Network) technology allows your website’s content... What will be the percentage increase in average page load? CDN improves the speed of delivery of the static content. Improvement cannot be counted in terms... Where can I get detailed CDN pricing? Our CDN World plan is $3.95/month + $1.00 setup fee for 10 GB bandwidth [Also, First Month Free...
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