How do I Integrate My Website with CDN Services?

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a large distributed system of servers deployed in multiple data centers that serve static web content rapidly to users by duplicating the content on multiple servers. CDN technology allows your website’s content to be accessed from the closest geographical location of the request which ensures instant and fast accessibility of static content.


How do I Integrate My Website with CDN Services?

→ If your website is HTTPS, please follow the article Enable CDN resource for HTTPS Website
→ If your website is HTTP, please follow the article Enable CDN resource for HTTP Website

Suppose you have an image on your website and you wish to integrate CDN with it, you will have to make changes in your website code as mentioned below.

[Existing image path]

<img src= "ORIGIN-URL/images/logos/image.jpg" alt="" />

Now, you will have to update the image path in code like the following:

<img src= "CDN-URL/images/logos/image.jpg" alt="" />

Let’s see an example:

Your domain is and the existing image path is following:

<img src="" alt="" />

If you want to serve this image from the CDN Hosting, you will have to change the image URL as follows:

<img src="" alt="" />

You can refer following knowledge-base articles if you want to integrate CDN Hosting with Joomla and WordPress websites.


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→ Looking to check the edge location from where you are receiving the website traffic? Please refer to the check edge location for more details. 

→ Want to clear the cache from your CDN? Please refer to Clear CDN Cache for more details. 

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