How to enable CDN resource for general websites?

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This article covers the steps to create a CDN Resource for a general website. If your website is HTTPS, please follow this article Enable CDN resource for HTTPS Website


To create a CDN Resource for your website, perform the following steps:


  1. Login to your client area.

  2. Go to Services -> My Services.

    My Services

  3. Locate CDN Service in your account

  4. Client on View Details button

    View Details of a Service

  5. Now, click on the New CDN Resources button to create a new CDN resource for your website.

    Create New CDN Resource

  6. Click on HTTP as mentioned in the following image:

    Select HTTP as Resource Type

  7. Enter CDN Hostname and Origins, if you wish to add more than one origin, click on Add field button.

    • CDN Hostname: which will be your hostname to access CDN resources
    • Origin: the location from where your data will be pulled

    CDN Resource Properties

  8. If you wish to create CDN with HTTPS, select With SSL (advanced) option from SSL Mode drop-down box.

    Note: When you create a CDN with HTTPS, you need to enter CDN hostname without any . (dot) and without top-level domain (i.e., com, net, edu, etc.).
    E.g., If your domain name is:, your CDN Hostname would be: cdndomain

    Once you create the above, your CDN host will look like For HTTPS CDN, our CDN provider appends their domain so that we can serve your content over HTTPS.

  9. Check the Edge Group option.

    Select Edge Groups

  10. Click on Create CDN Resource to create a CDN resource.

    Create CDN Resource

    Now, your CDN resources are created. Add a CNAME record for the CDN hostname which can then be used to view the contents.

  11. To get a CNAME record, click on the Details button as mentioned in the following image:

    View CDN Details

  12. From DNS Settings, you can get your CNAME record.

    Get CNAME Record Value

  13. For non-SSL CDN, add the CNAME record in DNS shown in the below image.

    Get CNAME Record Value

  14. For SSL CDN, DON'T create any DNS record. The client will have to use the value directly in the code like below:

  15. Make the necessary entry from your hosting control panel/DNS provider.

    Note: Once you create CNAME, kindly allow a few hours to propagate the CNAME record.

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