How to migrate WordPress site from cPanel to SolidCP? (Phase-2 at the Destination server)

For Phase-1 you can refer to this article: Phase-1 at the source server

1: Login In to the SolidCP.


2: Select the Customers.


3: Select the Username. Once you select any username, you will see the below page.


- Click on the domain -> Add a domain


- Add the domain name and click on the add domain.


4: Now, Open MySQL Database.


- Create a database that you have created at your source server.


- Now, add the same database user.

Select the database and click on the Save button.

5: Import Database

  • Open MySQL Database
  • Select the database
  • On the maintenance section, click on the restore button.


- Upload your database file via local or hosting space file.

- Click on Restore and Save

6: Upload The WordPress Files To Your New Host

  • Login into VPS
  • Upload all web files from your source to your domain/wwwroot folder via Filezilla.


- You can browse your website in IIS.


  • You need to update the A record in your DNS zone.
  • Any DNS changes may take 12 - 24 hours to propagate worldwide.

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