cPanel to cPanel migration

Follow the below steps to complete cPanel to cPanel Migration.

  • First, please note the IP address, username, and password of your old cPanel account.

  • Now, go to your WHM panel (where you want to migrate your cPanel account).
  • Search the firewall on the left side, and you will see the options below.

  • Now, select the Configserver Security & Firewall.
    • Scroll down and find the temporary allow/deny IP option.
    • Select Allow option.
    • Enter the old cPanel account IP address.
    • Enter port if you have a different port for your old cPanel account; otherwise, you can skip it.
    • Select a time range. You have to select a minimum of 120 minutes.
    • In the comment section, write "migration purpose".
    • Click on the temporary allow/deny button. 

  • Now search the transfer or restore option on the left side and select Transfer or Restore a cPanel Account. You will see the below page.
    • Under the Transfer options, select Transfer from Remote cPanel Account.
    • Now, you have to enter the IP address, username, and password of the old cPanel account.
    • After that, click on the transfer button.

  • Once the transfer is successful, you will see the below page.

  • Now, go to the list accounts, and find the migrated account.

  • After that, we have to change the ownership of this migrated account.
    • Click on the "+" sign and click on the modify account option.
    • Change the ownership of that account from the Account owner option with the appropriate owner.
    • Scroll down and update the package details according to your old cPanel account plan.
    • Finally, save all the changes.

Note: Need to verify all the details (website content, email accounts, databases, etc.) in your migrated account environment.

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