How to install Wordpress Toolkit on WHM/cPanel?

Wordpress toolkit allows the installation, configuration, and management of Wordpress. It is available with the Lite and Delux versions. Please note that Wordpress Manager deprecated from cPanel & WHM version 92.

Server Requirement:

Ensure that your server has the below-mentioned configurations to run the Wordpress.

  • MySQL: 5.7 or later

  • PHP: 7.4 

  • PHP Extension: curl, dom, exif, fileinfo, hash, json, mbstring, mysqli, sodium, OpenSSL, pcre, Imagick, XML, zip, filter, gd, iconv, mcrypt, SimpleXML, xmlreader, zlib

  • Web-Server: EasyApache 4

  • cPanel & WHM Versions: 90 and newer with root access

  • PHP Memory Limit: 128MB or higher.

How to install Wordpress Toolkit from WHM?

  1. Log in to your WHM Panel. 

  2. At the Security Configuration, click on the WHM MarketPlace.

  3. Click on the Add Extention button. 

  4. Finally, click on the install button. 

  5. After installation, you will see Wordpres Toolkit Lite license status. It should be Active here. 

  6. Now, login to your cPanel, and inside Applications, you will see an option called Wordpress Toolkit. From here, you can install and manage your Wordpress.

    Are you looking to install Wordpress using Wordpress Toolkit? Please refer to Install Wordpress for more details.

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