How to generate CSR and install SSL Certificate in SolidCP?

Please refer to the following steps to generate CSR and install the SSL certificate on SolidCP.

  1. Login to your SolidCP. http://serveripaddress:9001.

  2. Click on Configuration >> Servers.

  3. At My Server click on the web.

  4. Inside the web, go to the other settings and tick on Use SNI (server name indication). Click on the update button.

  5. Go to your website inside your user account.
  6. Click on the SSL button.

  7. Click on generate CSR button.

  8. Add all the details and click on Generate CSR button.

  9. Once the CSR is generated, it will show you as per the below image.

  10. Purchase an SSL Certificate from your SSL vendor.
  11. Add your SSL certificate to the certificate box and click on the install certificate button.

  12. Finally, click on the Save changes and exit button.

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