how to modify mail domain disk space Quota in SmarterMail 16?

This article will help you how to modify mail domain disk space Quota in SmarterMail 16.

Sometimes, you are unable to send/receive emails and receive errors like domain size limit has been exceeded. This error clearly indicates that your mail domain quota has exceeded the allotted limit. To fix this, you can clear out unwanted emails from mailboxes OR increase the domain disk space limit.

This article is only applicable to Windows VPS customers as Windows Shared Hosting customers will have a limit of 2 GB mail domain disk space.

If you are referring to check disk usage of mail domain and its individual accounts. Please refer the before link.

How to check disk usage of a Mail domain in SmarterMail 16?

  1. Login into SmarterMail 16 dashboard with the domain administrator user.

  2. Click on Domain Name for which you want to increase the disk limit.


  3. Click on the Disk Space MB (0 = Unlimited) field and set the Disk Space Quota. For example Disk Space MB = 2048 (2048 MB = 2GB).


  4. Click on Save button to save the changes.

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