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What is the difference between Plesk Web Admin, Plesk Web Pro, and Plesk Web Host?

The difference in Plesk editions is the number of domains to be hosted.

Plesk web Admin - allows 10 domains, Plesk Web pro - allows 30 domains, and Plesk Web Host - allows unlimited domains.

For more details, you can visit this link:

Can I select my choice of operating system with Plesk?

Yes, you can select your choice of operating system. Please check out our operating system list.

Do you provide the Node.JS with Plesk panel?

We provide a special Node.JS hosting VPS with Plesk Control panel pre-configured.

Is it possible to migrate my web content from cPanel to Plesk?

Plesk and CPanel both use different controlling mechanism. Our team needs to analyze your current data on Cpanel and assess the feasibility of the migration. You can submit this request via support ticket.

Is Plesk control panel free?

No, Plesk panel is a licensed product. You can find the cost of Plesk licenses here.

Is it possible to integrate the MSSQL with the Plesk (web admin, pro and Host edition)?

Yes, it is possible to integrate MSSQL with Plesk panel for Plesk Pro and Host edition. For Plesk web edition, you need to manage it from SQL Server Management Studio in VPS hosting.

Can I integrate the GIT with Plesk?

Yes, you can integrate GIT with Plesk but you must authenticate with an SSH key. It will help you to deploy the website easily.

Do you allow Let's Encrypt SSL in Plesk panel?

We do allow Let's Encrypt in Plesk panel. You can secure your website with free Let's Encrypt extension. You can contact our support team for more details.

Is it possible to upgrade the Plesk version any time?

You can upgrade anytime Plesk version to higher version. There will be no loss of data or settings. Please contact our support team for more details.

Can I Install Plesk to my existing VPS anytime?

Yes, Plesk installation can be performed anytime. However, we recommend to install it on a fresh server which doesn’t have any existing website or database hosted.

Do you offer free reinstall of Plesk control panel?

we can reinstall Plesk free of cost but it will require a complete rebuild of your VPS/Dedicated Server. This process will erase every data and configuration present on your VPS/dedicated server. It will cost $30/per incident on frequent rebuild requests.

Can I install third party application into Plesk?

You can install the third-party application through Application section of your Plesk dashboard. You can manage the installation of popular CMS applications like WordPress, Joomla, Magento etc.

Can I install my choice of MSSQL service with the Plesk?

Yes, you can install the MSSQL Server 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017 versions. For checking technical feasibility, you can contact our support team.


Is Java supported in Plesk?

Tomcat is prerequisite for Java applications and It is supported till Plesk 17.5 version. Tomcat is discontinued from Plesk Onyx 17.8.

Is .Net Core supported in Plesk?

Yes, .NET Core is supported in Plesk. Please contact our support team to get more information.

Are Crystal Reports compatible with Plesk?

Yes, it is compatible with the Plesk panel. Get in touch with our support team to check the technical feasibility on your server.

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