Can I Use Your Email Service Without Changing Nameservers?

Yes, you can surely use AccuWebHosting's email service without changing the nameservers. To do so, you will have to point MX record of your domain to AccuWebHosting's mail server. Thus, there's no change in nameservers, but your email services will point to us. To change MX record of your domain, you may follow one of the following 3 variations based on whose DNS service you are using.

  1. If you are using DNS service of the domain registrar, you can ask their support team to change/add MX record for you. 
  2. If you are using DNS service of some another host (with WebsitePanel), you can change MX record as follows.

    MX Record

    • Record Type: MX
    • Record Name: Keep it blank
    • Record Data:
    • MX Priority: 10

    Mail 'A' Record

    • Record Type: A
    • Record Name: mail
    • Record Data: xx.xx.xx.xx (IP address of AccuWebHosting's mail server).

    You can also refer to our knowledgebase article to change MX record in WebsitePanel.

  3. If you are using DNS service of some another host (with cPanel), you can change MX record as follows.

    1. Log into cPanel.
    2. Locate and select MX Entry icon.You will see existing MX record there.
    3. Click on Edit button
      Replace Destination with AccuWebHosting mail server hostname. 
    4. Click on Edit button to save the changes.

    You can contact our support team, in case you do not have the information about our email servers.

Note: It is recommended to use email verification software to clean your email list before starting an email campaign.

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