How can I use your email services keeping my hosting with another provider?

It requires MX record pointing to IP address of your hosting product(shared/VPS) with us. For example, if you have windows VPS hosting with us, You are required to add following 2 DNS records at DNS zone of your domain.


i) Record type : MX

  Record Name : [keep it blank]

  Record Data :

  MX priority : 10


ii) Record type : A

    Record Name : mail

    Record Data : address of your VPS)


After adding above DNS records, you are required to host that domain from SolidCP or manually from SmarterMail.


[Note :- MX records propagation over the globe will take 24-48 hours.]

Note: It is recommended to verify email list before sending an email campaign.

Looking to use Accuwebhosting email service without changing the nameserver? Please refer to use Accuwebhoting email service for more details.

Looking to delete your email accounts on different control panels? Please refer to delete email accounts for more details.

Looking to verify your domain for Google G-suit? Please refer to verify the domain at G-suit for more details.

Looking to login to the webmail? Please refer to login to the webmail for more details.

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