How Many Meta Trader-4 Instances can I Run with Forex VPS 1 Plan?

AccuWeb Hosting’s Forex VPS 1 plan comes with 1 GB RAM. 

If you wish to buy a Forex VPS, you may first contact your software provider to know the exact resource requirements for the Meta Trader 4 (MT4) software and confirm how many MT4 instances you can run on the Forex VPS 1 plan.

We provide a 7-day full money-back guarantee with all our Forex VPS plans. Therefore, if our Forex VPS solution does not work for you, we will refund you within 7 days of the purchase date. 

Also, if you think Forex VPS 1 is insufficient for your requirements, you can upgrade it anytime. Upgrading to the higher plan or custom configuration is easy and seamless. All the data and IP addresses will be retained, and there will be negligible downtime.


  • The custom configuration upgrade is only available for Denver, New York (USA), and London (UK) locations (subject to availability). However, you can upgrade to the higher plans for other locations to run more MTs, EAs, and Charts on a single VPS. 
  • We provide dedicated Forex Trading VPS on the SSD Windows platform to run the Meta Trader application.

Click here to contact our support team for easy upgrade options.

Are you looking to place a new Forex VPS order?
    Please refer to this article on placing a new Forex VPS order for more details.

→ Are you looking to automatically set up your MT4/MT5 to start after reboot?
    Please refer to setup auto-start mt4/mt5 for more details.

Are you looking to install MetaTrader on your VPS?
    Please refer to install meta-trader for more details.

Are you looking to connect your Forex VPS from a different OS?
    Please refer to connect my Forex VPS for more details.


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