How to Install MetaTrader Software in the Forex VPS?

Implementing the steps in this article will assist you to install MetaTrader Software in Forex VPS

1. Log in to your VPS through Remote Desktop.

2. Open the browser of your choice and download the MetaTrader Software.

Download MetaTrader

3. Open the folder where MetaTrader has been saved after downloading.

Install Metatrader


4. Right-click on the MetaTrader setup file and run the setup file as an Administrator.
This will install MetaTrader software.

5. Accept the license agreement and click Next.

License Agreement
6. Once MetaTrader is installed, go to VPS Desktop and double-click on the MetaTrader icon.
This will open the MetaTrader window as shown below -

Metatrader Window

7. To start trading, you will need a valid trade account.
If you do not have a trade account, you can create either a Demo or a Real account. 

8. Enter your login credentials if you have already opened a Trade account in MetaTrader.

Access MetaTrader Account


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