Can I Run Forex Trading Software on Windows VPS?

Yes, you can run Forex Trading software on a Windows VPS. In Forex Trading, a VPS/ Dedicated Server plays a primary role in reducing latency and slippage. In addition, we have dedicated Forex Trading VPS plans based on Windows OS on an SSD drive. 

We provide dedicated Forex VPS plans in 16+ different locations worldwide. We also provide a custom configuration upgrade in a plan (that is only available for Denver, New York (USA), and London (UK) locations. However, you can upgrade to the higher plans for other locations to run more MTs, EAs, and Charts on a single VPS. Upgrading to the higher plan or custom configuration is easy and seamless; all the data and IP addresses will be retained, and there will be almost "zero" downtime. 

Please refer to this article to understand how VPS works in Forex Trading.

Windows SSD Forex VPS

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