Can AccuWeb migrate my website data if my existing hosting service provider does not offer cPanel? Yes. We will only migrate the database and content if the client doesn't have a cPanel account.... Can I Connect to MS SQL DataBase Through SQL Server Management Studio? Yes, you can connect to MS SQL database through SQL Server Management Studio. Following are two... Can I Host My WordPress WooCommerce Store in WordPress Web Hosting plan? Yes, you can surely host a WordPress WooCommerce store in our WordPress Web hosting plan.... Can I Host PHP Based Websites in Windows Hosting Plans? Yes, you can host PHP based websites in Windows Shared Hosting and Windows VPS Hosting Plans.... Can I Increase Microsoft SQL Server DataBase Diskspace? What is Its Cost? In Windows Shared Hosting, each MS SQL database comes with 500 MB Web Space and 1 GB Transaction... Can I Purchase Additional Microsoft SQL Server Database? Yes, you can purchase additional database for your shared hosting account. It will cost you $10 /... Can I Upgrade My Shared Hosting Plan to VPS Hosting? A shared hosting plan cannot be upgraded to VPS hosting directly. However, you can purchase a... Can I buy shared hosting for my e-commerce website? Yes, definitely. You can host an e-commerce website on our shared plans. View Shared Hosting... Can I deploy Django on a shared Linux service? Yes, you can deploy Django on our Linux-shared hosting. For that, you must create a Python... Can I download the MSSQL server database at my end? In Windows shared hosting, you can take an SQL database backup directly from the SolidCP / Plesk... Can I get a dedicated IP address for free with shared hosting plans? Yes. You will get a free Dedicated IP address with our Enterprise Pro ++ plan for the first year... Can I have additional storage with Shared Hosting? Yes. You can purchase additional storage in the Shared hosting plan. An additional 10 GB disk... Can I host my WordPress website with a Cheap Web Hosting Budget plan? Yes, you can host your WordPress site on our Cheap Web Hosting Budget plan. You will have enough... Can I import third party SSL certificates in Windows shared hosting plans? Yes, you are allowed to import third party SSL certificates to our Windows Shared server. You... Can I manage the DNS records of my domains by my own? Yes, definitely you can. Here are the steps: If you are using the DNS service of... Can I monitor my monthly data transfer on control panel? Yes, it is possible. For most of the plans, this is by default integrated in your control panel.... Can I purchase only hosting service and keep domain registration with other provider? Yes, you can purchase only hosting service with us. It is not necessary to register or transfer... Can I transfer a .DE domain to accuweb? Sorry, you can not transfer the .de domain to us. However, you can host a .de domain in your Accu... Can I upgrade my Shared Hosting plan? Yes. You can upgrade your plan anytime. Just raise a support ticket, and our technical team will... Can I use any port for hosting my WCF service on shared environment? Do you support it? AccuWeb Hosting Windows shared hosting plans support WCF service, but it will work on port 80 in... Can we have https for all domains on the account? Yes. Your account includes free SSL for all domains you host. View Shared Hosting Plans »   Can we provide Let's Encrypt free SSL on Linux shared hosting? Yes, we use Let's Encrypt SSL as an SSL provider in our Linux shared and reseller hosting servers. Difference between Redirection rule vs Rewrite rule - A Redirect rule is used for switching one URL to another URL. In redirection, the URL changes... Do I Get A Dedicated IP Address In Shared Hosting? In our shared hosting services, a dedicated IP address is provided specifically for SSL... Do I get Free SSL in Shared Web Hosting? Yes, you will get a Free SSL Certificate with Shared Web Hosting. In addition, you will get... Do I need technical knowledge to use Web Hosting? The word “web hosting” might be new to some people. Moreover, because of the web hosting... Do You Allow Cron Jobs OR Scheduled Tasks in Shared Hosting? We do allow 2 cronjobs in Linux Shared Hosting regardless of its frequency. We do not allow... Do You Have Any Windows Shared/VPS Hosting Plan with Unlimited MS SQL Database Size? Windows Shared Hosting:You cannot create MS SQL database with unlimited size in Windows Shared... Do You Offer Any Shared Hosting Plan With PHP 7+ Support? All our Linux SSD Shared Hosting plans support all major PHP 5.X versions such as PHP 7.0, 7.1.... Do You Provide ASP.Net Full Trust Level on Windows Shared Hosting? No. Due to security reasons, we offer a high trust level in our Windows Shared hosting. Below is... Do You Provide Any Email Verification Services? No, we do not provide any email verification services. You can read more about Email verification... Do You Send Prior Notifications Before any Maintenance? Usually we send several notifications before a scheduled maintenance. However, in case of... Do You Support POP-before-SMTP? Yes, the POP-before-SMTP protocol is supported on all our Windows Shared Hosting plans.   Get... Do you allow port scanning in any hosting plans? No, we do not allow port scanning in any of our Web Hosting plans.   Get Windows Shared Hosting... Do you have any limits for setting up Cron jobs or schedule tasks? Windows Shared Hosting Plans:We do not offer cron jobs in Windows shared hosting plans. Linux... Do you offer .DE domains? We do not offer .de domain extensions. View Shared Hosting Plans »   Do you offer Magento Hosting? Yes, we offer Magento hosting. Click here to view all Magento hosting plans. Get Magento Hosting... Do you offer for DDoS protection in Linux shared hosting? We have implemented anti-DDoS systems in our main hardware nodes, which detect and mitigate DDoS... Do you offer free CDN with the basic ++ plan? We offer free CDN to Premium ++ and Enterprise Pro ++, while in the Basic ++ plan, CDN is an... Do you offer money back guarantee? We Do Have Money Back Policy As Follow: Shared hosting (Linux/Windows): 30-day money back... Do you provide ASP.Net Core on Shared Hosting? Yes, we do provide ASP.NET Core with full trust level in all Windows 2016 Shared Hosting plans.... Do you provide Apache web server in Linux Shared Hosting? Yes, we provide Apache and LiteSpeed webserver in Linux Shared Hosting and IIS 7.5 and IIS 8.0... Do you provide Free Hosting Account Migration? Yes, offers free account transfer services for our Windows and Linux Shared... Do you provide RDP (Remote Desktop Connection) with both Shared and VPS hosting services? The Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) is not available with Windows Shared hosting plans due to... Do you provide Remote MySQL in Linux Shared Hosting? No. Due to security reasons, we do not provide remote MySQL in Linux Shared Hosting. If you need... Do you provide SFTP in Linux Shared Hosting Plans? No. We do not provide SFTP (Secure FTP over SSH). However, we support, FTPS (FTP over explicit... Do you provide WordPress Hosting? Yes, we do provide WordPress Hosting in both Windows and Linux shared servers. You can signup for... Do you provide any Website Programs/Website Builder to create instant Websites ? We provide Softaculous in Linux Shared Hosting Service. You can install well-known Scripts, CMS,... Do you provide coding support or software development support? Coding Support, Software Development Support, and other such services are covered under our... Do you provide control panel demo? AccuWebHosting offers SolidCP & Plesk control panels for Windows servers and cPanel/WHM &... Do you provide phpBB in Shared hosting? Yes, we provide phpBB in both Windows and Linux shared hosting.In Linux Shared Hosting can... Do you support .Net Core in Windows Shared hosting? We offer .NET Core in Windows shared hosting plans. You can refer our following features... Do you support ASP.Net & MySQL combination? Yes, all our Windows Hosting and Windows VPS plans will support connectivity of ASP.Net with... Do you support CSHTML files? Yes, we do support CSHTML files   Get Windows Web Hosting »   Do you support international customers from Europe/Asia/Africa? Yes, we offer hosting services to US and International customers from all the continent including... Do you support mojoPortal? As mojoPortal requires ASP.Net full trust level, our shared hosting plan does not support it.... Do you support out of the box Umbraco installation? Umbraco can be installed on our Windows VPS hosting plans. Please verify that you've chosen a VPS... Do you support remote desktop access on Shared Hosting? Remote desktop access is not available in the Windows Shared hosting plan. To use a remote... Does AccuWeb Hosting offer an email hosting service? Yes, we now offer Email Only Hosting service! It is specifically designed to meet the needs of... Does AccuWeb Hosting use SSD? Yes, all the shared hosting plans run on SSD disks.  View Shared Hosting Plans »   Does cPanel support Python? Yes, cPanel allows you to deploy applications and create websites with Python. View Shared... Does your Linux web hosting plans allow SSH access? No, we do not provide SSH access in our Linux shared hosting plans. We only provide SSH access... For How Many Years I Could Buy a Domain Name and Web Hosting Services? You can buy a domain name for maximum 9 years and Web Hosting services for maximum 3 years.... How Much Email Disk Space Do I Get With Shared Hosting Plans? Linux Shared Hosting With Linux Shared Hosting plans, you don't have separate email diskspace.... How Much Email Disk Space Do I Get with Windows Shared Hosting Plans? In Windows Shared Hosting, the email disk space limit per domain is 2 GB. This allocation of 2 GB... How can I prevent the IP address from visiting my website? In cPanel, open the IP blocker option and put the IP you want to block. You can also check the... How do I choose between Linux and Windows Shared Website Hosting? When using a hosting account, it's important to remember the different operating systems you can... How does Cpanel differ from Plesk? Both cPanel and Plesk are robust, user-friendly control panels with similar functionalities.... How does Shared Web Hosting work? In Shared Web Hosting, multiple websites are hosted on a single server, and the server's... How long does it take to transfer DNS? On average, it takes 24-48 hours to transfer DNS. View Shared Hosting Plans »   How long will it take to transfer a domain? Domain transfers typically take 5 to 6 business days. View Shared Hosting Plans »   How many websites can I host with my shared hosting plan? The availability varies based on the hosting plan you have chosen. Please review the respective... How much RAM do you allocate in Windows personal web hosting plan? In Windows Shared Hosting plans, we allocate 250 MB of RAM (Application Pool Private Memory) for... How much SSD storage is enough for my website? Most websites don't require more than 1GB of disc space. Blog sites require 700-800MB. View... How much bandwidth does my website need? Bandwidth and data space will depend on what kind of website you have and how many visitors you... How much traffic can Shared Web Hosting handle? Shared Web Hosting can support 2,000 to 3,000 visitors daily or 60,000 to 100,000 visitors in a... How to add MX record in cPanel? Once the domain or subdomain name points to the IP address, follow these steps:Step 1: Log into... How to make sure which server location will be the best for my website? Whenever you visit a plan page, you will find an option called "Find Nearest Hosting Location"... How to place Shared hosting order from the Accu Webhosting website? We provide several types of shared hosting services. The way to order all types of shared hosting... I am having an upload error. What is maximum upload limit in Shared Hosting? Linux Shared Hosting   In Linux Shared Hosting, we have restricted the upload size limit to 2... If there is a server performance issue, will my website be affected? We regularly audit our servers to eliminate hardware or performance issues, so you don't have to... Is HTML5 Supported in Your Servers? Since HTML content has nothing to do with the web server, there are no special requirements... Is It possible to rename home directory of my shared hosting product? No, it is not possible. The reason is when any order is executed, Home Directory is generated... Is LiteSpeed cache good? Yes. LiteSpeed Cache is an excellent optimization plugin that performs everything you'd need to... Is SSD better for a server? There is no doubt that SSD drives have faster read and write speeds, which results in faster... Is Shared Hosting Good for Blogging? Bloggers can benefit from shared web hosting since it is much more affordable than other types of... Is Shared Hosting good for Business? Shared Web Hosting is ideal for your business if you have recently started and your website has... Is Shared Hosting good for WordPress? Yes, Shared Web Hosting plans support all types of CMS (content management systems), namely... Is a domain name included in your website hosting plans? Also, do you provide cPanel? cPanel is included in our web hosting plans. However, a domain name is an add-on service. You can... Is cPanel easy for a non-technical person? Each feature in cPanel shows instructions on what and how to use it, so it is easy to use. Users... Is it possible to buy shared hosting without a domain name? No. It is not possible to purchase a Shared hosting service without a domain name. You should... Is it possible to migrate all my emails from my current hosting provider to AccuWeb Hosting? Yes, we always migrate the emails. However, in some cases, email migration would not be possible... Is it possible to set up individual directories, logins and passwords for FTP file transfers with cpanel ? Manage Access with Secure FTP Accounts:Whether you're on a shared hosting plan or a VPS with... Linux Shared Hosting Resource Limits For further insights into the resources available in Linux shared hosting, please review our... Resource Limits in Joomla Hosting AccuWebHosting has implemented resource limits on Joomla Hosting plans so that no single cPanel... Resource Limits in Magento Hosting AccuWebHosting has implemented resource limits on Magento Hosting plans so that no single cPanel... Resource Limits in WordPress Hosting AccuWebHosting has implemented resource limits on WordPress Hosting plans so that no single... What Control Panel Software Do You Use? Check out this list of the web hosting plans and the most suitable control panels available for... What Software Do You Use for Webmail? Windows Shared Hosting With all Windows Shared Hosting plans, we offer SmarterMail as a mail... What are the programming languages & database supported on Linux Shared Hosting? Our Linux shared hosting plans support PHP, Perl and Python programming languages. For database... What are the programming languages and database supported on your Windows Shared Hosting plans? In our Windows shared hosting plans, we offer support for ASP.Net versions 2, 3.5, and 4.x, along... What are the things to consider before choosing any Web Hosting Service? While choosing a web hosting service, you should consider the following factors: Average... What do you understand by HTTP2? HTTP2, the next generation of the HTTP protocol, is a significant advancement in web technology.... What does SSD mean in hosting? SSD stands for Solid State Drive and, compared to traditional hard disk drives (HDDs), is a much... What is Application Pool Recycle Period in Windows Shared Hosting? Our Windows Shared Hosting web servers are configured to 1740 minutes of Application pool recycle... What is Domain Hosting? How do I host domain in control panel? Domain Hosting is frequently used as Web Hosting since most Web Hosts provide domain registration... What is SSD Storage in Web Hosting? The SSD stands for Solid State Drive, and SSD Web Hosting plans are hosted on SSD-equipped... What is an email account forwarder? Email forwarding is a tool that allows you to automatically forward all incoming emails from one... What is auto-ssl in cPanel? AutoSSL is a unique cPanel feature that automatically installs domain-validated SSL certificates... What is difference between HTTP/2 and HTTP/1.1? HTTP, which stands for hypertext transfer protocol, is a fundamental part of most websites. It's... What is the best hosting for a website built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that doesn't need a lot of resources? Choosing our web hosting plan is a great choice if you are starting a website and do not require... What is the difference between mysql database and mysql database wizard in cPanel? MySQL database is a tool that allows you to create and manage MySQL databases within your hosting... What is the difference between shared and VPS hosting? -> In shared hosting, multiple websites share the same server resources. In contrast, VPS... What is the difference between shared hosting and WordPress hosting plans? A shared hosting plan and a WordPress hosting plan are almost identical, but WordPress hosting... What is the difference between shared hosting and reseller hosting? Reseller hosting differs from shared hosting in terms of the level of control and resources... What is the importance of cPanel in Web Hosting? You can publish websites, manage domains, manage online files, and set up email accounts using... What kind of storage do you offer in your Cheap Web hosting plan? We offer SSD Storage in a Cheap Web Hosting plan. View Cheap Web Hosting Plans »   What we mean by "Works On Any Platform"? Websites hosted on our shared hosting plans or VPS will work on any platform, including Windows,... Which ASP.Net Framework versions are available in Windows Shared hosting? Check our Windows hosting plan feature comparison page to view available ASP.Net Framework... Which OS do we have on Linux and Windows shared hosting? We have CloudLinux OS in Linux shared hosting plan, and Windows Server 2016 OS in Windows shared... Which RAID level is best for SSD? Choosing the right RAID level depends on your specific needs. For extreme performance, RAID 10.... Which Web server is better, LiteSpeed, NGINX, or Apache? LiteSpeed is a powerful, flexible web server with excellent performance, compatibility, and... Which hosting plans include a free domain registration/transfer? Free domain registration/transfer is valid for the first year only. You can go with the Linux... Which information is required to confirm free migration possible? Free migration service is available if the client has cPanel at both the source and destination... Which is better for server HDD or SSD? In general, SSDs are better than HDDs for servers because of their superior speed, reliability,... Which is the least expensive type of web hosting? The best and perfect option if you are looking for the least expensive web hosting is shared... Which type of Hosting is Best for Blogging and Small Website? For Blogging and Small Websites, Shared Web Hosting is the most affordable hosting with many... Which version of crystal reports runtime in Windows shared hosting with Plesk? We offer SAP crystal report version in windows shared hosting with Plesk. Get... Which web server do we have on Linux and Windows shared hosting? We have a Lite speed web server for Linux shared hosting server and an IIS (Internet Information... Who should use Shared Web Hosting? Personal websites, small businesses, blogs, and websites with small to medium traffic are ideal... Why is shared hosting the best choice? Shared Web Hosting is the most affordable plan you will ever find. It is best for new websites... Will I get cPanel terminal access with my Shared Hosting plans? Shared Hosting plans do not include terminal or SSH access. View Shared Hosting Plans »  
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